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New trend! RT @TheKilbyJoke: I'm a Christian because it gives me a cover for my bigotry, intolerance, and self-importance. #DeepThoughtsFromMikePence


Tweet volume: 52675 RT @latelateshow: And here we have the customary #WorldTurtleDay greeting, as demonstrated by @tyleroakley and @JKCorden. https://t.co/Ru9Z…

Sean Hannity

Tweet volume: 44546 RT @IMPL0RABLE: #TheResistance @FoxNews This is ridiculous, Sean Hannity has no respect for the truth, or for the family of Seth Rich, Eno…


New trend! RT @singrewind: this is our home. a place where peace will always win and fear will always lose #MusicIsAlive https://t.co/thJXo3TAFU


Tweet volume: 102595 RT @hrtablaze: Dear Liberals, we need all hands on deck to destroy this growing beast. 🙏 Please read & share #SilenceForManchester #Ma…

Cortez Kennedy

Tweet volume: 27186 RT @NFL: Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy has died at age 48: https://t.co/NCPjcwA5qd https://t.co/OSj1KF6rGN

Marvin Lewis

New trend! RT @MoEgger1530: Marvin Lewis offering a lecture on what's a good example for young people is like me offering a lecture on the benefits of…

Super Bowl LV

New trend! RT @ESPNNFL: Super Bowl LV is now headed to Tampa as Los Angeles shifts to Super Bowl LVI in 2022 after construction delays. https://t.co/g…

Chris Bosh

New trend! RT @YahooBDL: Report: NBA, NBPA nearing deal that will make Chris Bosh a free agent + grant the Heat cap relief. From @brohrbach: https://t…

John Hammond

New trend! RT @WillPresti: John Hammond was hired as GM of the Magic, though I can't help but think the Raptors would've been a better fit. #NBA https…

Sam Travis

New trend! RT @IndianaOnBTN: Attention, @RedSox fans: We have a feeling you'll enjoy this vintage Sam Travis (@DoctorChill6) feature. https://t.co/ZQ…

Sampson County

New trend! RT @NC_Governor: Reports of tornadoes touching down in Sampson County. We’re continuing to monitor the situation -- please stay safe!

Roger Goodell

New trend! Commissioner Roger Goodell Explains Why the NFL Changed The Celebration Rules | NFL https://t.co/MjukPqW8Af

Aaron Lynch

New trend! Well, #49ers brass is still giving Aaron Lynch a chance. But he's still about 20 pounds overweight, so... https://t.co/MC0FHPEQd1

Brandon Marshall

New trend! First Look: Brandon Marshall suits up for Giants #GiantsNation https://t.co/Lti8jWJLD3 https://t.co/uuowJ7loNJ

Rob Gronkowski

New trend! RT @NFL: .@Patriots restructure @RobGronkowski's contract: https://t.co/qwqex09nUO https://t.co/B9zB9QacxN


New trend! RT @mvendituoli: The Autryville Fire Department was destroyed in the storms. https://t.co/ebHsSQGdJ9


Tweet volume: 109470 RT @TimesofIsrael: Britain raises terror threat level to ‘critical,’ deploys army https://t.co/FzN4Y1AWww

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