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Tweet volume: 64923 RT @FIFAWorldCup: TEAM NEWS // We have the teams for #SWEKOR... 👀 #WorldCup https://t.co/l6e1oCpBc8


Tweet volume: 14195 RT @EconGroupMedia: Huge thanks to our first 'Wake up with The Economist' #CMOs of the week; @SylSaller @Diageo_News, @marcfmath @Samsung &…


New trend! RT @IWillRedPillU: Illegal Alien in Michigan Charged with Death of a 14-Year-Old American Child #IllegalAliens #DACA #Immigration #Immigran…


New trend! My personal playlist for #MusicMonday is a youtube channel of auditions for talent shows... because it makes me so… https://t.co/QA7LAdcgY1


Tweet volume: 77851 TTs [16:20] 🇪🇸 1⃣ Suecia 2⃣ Corea 🔝 3⃣ Pablo Casado 4⃣ #SWEKOR 5⃣ #zapeando1139

Trump and the Baby Snatchers

Tweet volume: 22689 RT @HeroAssange: If you commit a crime as a parent - you get separated from your children when you go to jail We should compromise and reu…

Thomas Markle

New trend! RT @KaraCalavera: I find it hard to believe that Prince Harry was talking to Thomas Markle, a man he's never met, about his political opini…


New trend! RT @Flipgrid: The story of Flipgrid is the story of YOU 💚 You revolutionize student engagement every day, taking Flipgrid in directions we…


New trend! Ferland knows the defense may contend Flemmi is the real killer. They presented a witness saying DiSarro was afrai… https://t.co/ZpRpC3EyB4

Gustav Svensson

New trend! RT @SoundersFC: All three points for Sweden! 🇸🇪 Gustav Svensson goes the final nine minutes to help the Blågult down South Korea 1-0. #SWE…


New trend! RT @joanneminford: Well done gill! That looks like a brilliant mornings work 👞👠👞☺️👞☺️👍😊@WhoseShoes @LiverpoolWomens https://t.co/XjbBGZG9BA

Spotify and Apple Music

New trend! RT @Geolololol: The discussion of Spotify vs Apple Music is moot. Spotify is cheaper, it has a better interface, and it’s algorithms for it…

Bill Gross

New trend! RT @jeff_gramm: The dead fish thing is a total Replacements move!! cc @BobMehr @carletonenglish https://t.co/zg6NGW8EhG


Tweet volume: 196506 RT @jpopdad: I was sad to hear of the earthquake in Osaka, please stay safe and know that we care. I used to worry all the time about Nick…


New trend! RT @DanCALmatters: SCOTUS posts Monday opinions and still no ruling on Janus union dues case. Next Monday probably.

The World Health Organization

New trend! RT @cbslocal: THIS JUST IN: The World Health Organization announced that a gaming disorder will now be considered a new mental health condi…

War of 1812

New trend! RT @buzzman888: 🇺🇸 ~ History Revisited ~ War of 1812 ~ 🇺🇸 Significant Facts: Ditto's Ferry (Landing) James "John" Ditto's Established Tenn…

Homeland Security

Tweet volume: 30019 RT @laurenduca: Make no mistake: Trump could end family separation with a single phone call to the Department of Homeland Security. https:/…

National Space Council

New trend! RT @TimFernholz: Debating whether it's worth writing much about today's National Space Council announcement that space debris mitigation pl…

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