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August 16,2017 23:20
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Clinton world reacts to Trump: She tried to warn us

Many of Hillary Clinton's top aides sat nervously a year ago this month as their boss stepped up to a podium in Reno, Nevada to decry then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, accuse him of "taking hate groups mainstream" and come close to labeling him a racist.
August 16,2017 01:40
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Can We Feed The World With Farmed Fish?

New research suggests there is space on the open ocean to farm essentially all the seafood humans can eat — and then some. But such volumes of fish and shellfish could not be grown without costs.
August 12,2017 21:00
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World Elephant Day 2017

Since 2011, August 12 has been set aside as World Elephant Day, supported by numerous conservation agencies as a day to “spread awareness, share knowledge, and provide solutions for better care and management of both captive and wild elephants.”