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October 28,2017 23:20

Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 2: Technology Meets Anarchy. Both Profit (Part 2)

Bitcoin is the catalyst for peaceful anarchy and freedom. It was built as a reaction against corrupt governments and financial institutions. It was not solely created for the sake of improving financial technology. But some people adulterate this truth. In reality, Bitcoin was meant to function as a monetary weapon, as a cryptocurrency poised to undermine authority. Now it is whitewashed. It is se...
October 26,2017 00:20

How Australia's Technology Stands Out

Damien Cave, Australia bureau chief, found that the average internet connection speed in the country ranked below Kenya’s, but that a local website could teach Craigslist some lessons.
October 25,2017 05:40

With new technology, Mazda gives spark to gasoline engine

In the high-stakes, high-cost battle among global automakers to develop ever more efficient vehicles, one of the biggest breakthroughs in internal combustion engine technology in years looks to be coming from one of the industry's smaller players.
October 24,2017 03:40

Panelists discuss technology in the American workplace

How is technology creating a new American workplace and workforce?Roland Roberts and Drew Simshaw, the two panelists for this installment of Community Connections, attempted to answer that question during an hour-long discussion hosted by Elon University and the Times-News on Monday, Oct. 23, at a Lakeside meeting room at Elon University.Roberts is instructor of Mechatronics Engineering Techn...
October 23,2017 21:00

Union Pacific's CIO Specializes In Commercializing Technology

Union Pacific CIO Lynden Tennison has been in his role for more than a decade. In that time, he has moved from running the traditional IT operation to developing commercial technologies for the railroad to sell. For this, Tennison is the winner of the Forbes CIO Innovation Award.
October 21,2017 04:40

Technology guides small donations to candidates

ActBlue is reserved for Democratic candidates. Republicans don’t have an equivalent conduit for online contributions, but they can chose from a variety of online fundraising platforms and consultants with proprietary
October 20,2017 22:40

New technology will tap into your subconscious to reveal your dream holiday

An astonishing new aerial video has provided glimpses of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang like it’s never been seen before. The video shows Pyongyang as captured by a 360-degree camera mounted onto a light aircraft. &nbsp; Photography in North Korea tends to be tightly controlled, but one videographer was granted special access to film the city &hellip; <a href="https://w...
October 19,2017 18:00

No, Dolphins Could Not Create Our Technology

These days, it is sometimes difficult to discern when “science” ends and ideology begins. This is particularly so when the belief system is infected with anti-human exceptionalist anthropomorphism–as when Jane Goodall imbued the chimps she so expertly observed with a fictional inner life of her own creation.  Ever since Goodall’s triumphant deconstruction of primatology into at...
October 18,2017 07:40

The economics of future technology ... explained with comics

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