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June 27,2017 19:00

It Pays to Be Smart

Superstar companies are dominating the economy by exploiting a growing gap in digital competencies.
June 25,2017 23:40

Southeast Michigan becomes leader in smart road technology

Test cars on a section of Interstate 75 in Oakland County can read high-tech roadside bar codes that communicate when lanes are closed up ahead, and reflective strips on workers' safety vests also contain information that identifies them as people instead of traffic barrels. Macomb County and the state Transportation Department are two of the government units working with carmakers and auto suppl...
June 24,2017 19:40

Body-powered flexible technology

North Carolina State University researchers in the U.S. have invented a flexible body-heat powered energy harvester which can be used to make wearable technology that is powered by body heat alone. Ea
June 24,2017 02:40

Technology helps parents locate missing daughter

Technology helps parents locate missing daughter. The teen first vanished in April after she was punished for talking to strangers in an online chat room. Some of the videos suggested the teen, who has behavioral and mental health diagnoses, might have been exploited by adults. Jennifer's father, Lee Allen Willis, a boxer-turned-personal trainer, speedwalked the less than half a mile from the m...
June 22,2017 21:00

Op-ed | Turning technology inside our adversaries

If you asked a fighter pilot during World War II what he needed in a plane, he would say, “I want to turn inside the enemy,” or superior maneuverability. Today, as we have firmly moved to space as the high ground, this maxim has never been truer.
June 22,2017 10:40

Alibaba's Jack Ma warns evolving technology could cause World War III

Chinese business magnate Jack Ma said that evolving technologies are likely to pose a threat to more than just the job market and could in fact trigger a Third World War. In an interview with CNBC, the billionaire chairman of Alibaba said that world leaders have a duty to educate people to prevent the pain caused by a rapid rise in automation and artificial intelligence.
June 21,2017 09:20

Trump visit targets technology, politics

CEDAR RAPIDS — Whether by coincidence or coordination, Gov. Kim Reynolds’ agenda for a meeting Wednesday with President Donald Trump in Cedar Rapids is on the same wavelength as the
June 20,2017 10:40

China Leapfrogs US in Critical Strategic Technology

The year's most important news story probably never made it into your news feed. Nonetheless it might change your life forever. For the first time, China has demonstrated that it is far ahead of the United States in a critical new technology, namely quantum communications. A Chinese satellite suc...
June 19,2017 22:40

MIT President Reif attends White House technology meeting

MIT President L. Rafael Reif attended a technology conference convened by the White House Office of American Innovation. The meeting brought together leading corporate CEOs and other technology leaders to advise on how technology and data can be used to improve government operations and on how best to anticipate future technologies and their implications for the government and society.
June 19,2017 10:20

Technology as a 'margin pressure reliever'

Technology is able to improve productivity of retailers in various sections within their operations, according to McKinsey. The options are numerous: shelf-stacking robots, back office/workflow process automation, delivery via drones and so on.
June 18,2017 22:40

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Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle execs are expected to attend
June 18,2017 17:40

Space-driven technology aids medicine, NASA doc says at Fort Smith convention

Robots. Artificial hearts. 3D printing of human tissue. It may sound like science fiction, but as Dr. J.D. Polk, chief medical officer at NASA, pointed out at his keynote lecture, “Journey of Exploration”, during the 32nd annual Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association convention Saturday, these are all science fact thanks to space exploration. “You’d be surprised how muc...
June 18,2017 11:20

Space-driven technology aids medicine at convention's keynote lecture

Robots. Artificial hearts. 3D printing of human tissue.It may sound like science fiction, but as Dr. J.D. Polk, chief medical officer at NASA, pointed out at his keynote lecture, “Journey of Exploration”, during the 32nd Annual Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association convention Saturday, these are all science fact thanks to space exploration.“You’d be surprised how muc...
June 18,2017 07:40

Remote technology used for master class

Lee University’s 12th annual International Piano Festival and Competition has always featured master classes with top instructors, but on Friday, the university was able to become a pioneer in …
June 18,2017 01:00

Technology and logistics, not fashion, makes today's apparel CEOs

[...] Drexler’s recent decision to resign as J. Crew CEO is perhaps the most stark reminder that fashion and marketing expertise alone can’t rescue an industry besot by rapid demographic and technological change. Whereas merchant princes and princesses once told us what to wear a year from now, Millennial shoppers look to the more fickle and unpredictable trendsetters on social media. “The...
June 16,2017 16:00

US tech stocks shaken, but market not stirred

The five largest U.S. technology companies may have lost enough market capitalization over the past week to buy plane maker Boeing, but the benchmark S&P 500 stock index .SPX has managed to remain within a stone's throw of its record high.