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March 25,2017 08:20

Technology is fueling the home recording industry

Few industries have undergone as much change as the recording industry, and Bobby Borg can tell you all about it.“Earlier people didn’t have access to home technologies so if you wanted to record your own music it was a bigger dra
March 24,2017 18:40

Micron Technology - 2nd Quarter Takeaways

On March 2, Micron updated their guidance to 85 cents for the quarter ended February and reported March 23. I predicted 90 cents, which they delivered. So far so good.I thought the guidance for the Ma
March 24,2017 14:00

About: Micron Technology (MU)

On March 2, Micron updated their guidance to 85 cents for the quarter ended February and reported March 23. I predicted 90 cents, which they delivered. So far so good.I thought the guidance for the Ma
March 24,2017 01:40

How will technology impact loan originators in 2017?

In 2016, there was an explosion of new tech-focused lenders, origination platforms, and other tools to help professionals provide consumers with a better experience. This year, loan originators will be the deciding factor in which technologies are adopted — and which die. Here is what five experts have to say about it.
March 22,2017 21:40

How technology tramples on freedom

Rapid advances in biometric technology mean the public is surveilled – and their movements recorded – more than ever before. If this technology spreads without limits, it could soon impinge on basic rights.
March 22,2017 05:00

HHS names secretary for health technology

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that former Louisiana Rep. John Fleming is taking a new post as deputy assistant secretary for health technology.Fleming said as secretary for health technology he will work on issues and regulations tied to technology and the practice of medicine.
March 21,2017 19:20

SPECIAL REPORT: Advancing Medical Technology

The medical field continues to shock us everyday with new resources and advancing technology, and while larger hospitals in bigger cities have some cutting-edge technology, Lake Charles has that
March 21,2017 14:01

Can You Buy Technology With Dividend Income?

They say never begin a post with a question. Who am I to listen to that kind of advice because most often I start my stock search with a question and today's question is what tech stock with growth po
March 21,2017 14:00

2 districts receive digital learning grants to rev up technology efforts

HANCOCK COUNTY — Two county school corporations will use $75,000 of state grant funding to rev up digital learning efforts within their buildings. Educators at Mt. Vernon and Southern Hancock schools learned this month their districts received The Digital Learning Grant offered through the Indiana Department of Education’s e-learning office. Mt. Vernon will use the
March 21,2017 06:40

What lenders are missing when it comes to mobile technology

The majority of homebuyers, especially Millennials, do extensive research online and on their mobile devices before making any purchase — especially for something as large as a home. While many lenders are jumping on the trend to incorporate technology into their customer experience, they are often ignoring the reasons why the technology matters. Here are five reasons why mobile technology shoul...
March 21,2017 04:00

Magic Leap, the virtual reality backlash and the arc of technology

Magic Leap has drawn more than $1.4 billion in investment. There’s also some troubling reports regarding demos and delays that are getting a lot of press. I know a game designer who works there, and I still believe they could pull it off. But when a Google search for “magic leap fail” turns up about 670,000 results, one has to admit that the prospect of failure exists.
March 21,2017 04:00

First American launches new appraisal solutions technology

First American Mortgage Solutions launched a new appraisal solutions technology which could change how many appraisals are done and the time it takes to do them. Currently, much of the time it takes to close a loan is held up by the appraisal process, but First American’s appraisal offering could make that a thing of the past, shortening wait times as it combines technology with the traditional...
March 20,2017 17:40

Creating Technology by the People, For the People

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is the executive director of Equality Labs, a collective that explores art, story, and digital security. She was one of the first Dalit women
online (@dalitdiva). I was thrilled to speak with her about her vision for the digital side of the resistance.
March 20,2017 03:20

Is technology ruining your relationship?

THE term ‘relationship’ covers four different types of bonds: casual, friendships, romantic and familial. Forging positive, healthy relationships with others can help us feel happier and allow us to be more satisfied with our lives.
March 19,2017 23:20

Guest columnist: Deployed technology in our daily lives — now, soon and future

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s local campus lies at the northern edge of Richland, just south of the Hanford site. The lab has been an important part of the Tri-Cities community since 1965 and consists of more than 4,300 scientists, engineers and other professionals. Launched as a research and development facility independent of Hanford site operations, the laboratory first focused...
March 19,2017 01:00

How V2X technology will change how you drive

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology has been proving its merits in one field test after another for nearly 10 years, but recently the technology has started to take-off. What was the pivotal moment for V2X? Some experts might say it was when Tesla launched its innovative ‘Autopilot’ feature in 2014 because it signaled that autonomous driving was on the horizon. Others might say the seminal...
March 19,2017 00:40

SAS technology enables blind to 'visualize' graphs

SAS’s Graphics Accelerator software, which was released last month, allows people with visual impairments to interact with charts and graphs created with SAS software in a new way – by “visualizing” them through sound.
March 18,2017 11:20

Our View: Technology no excuse for evasion

A California Supreme Court ruling this month blocks city governments from using new technology as an excuse to hide from the demands of public accountability. The case was brought by a community activist, Ted Smith, against the city of San Jose after Smith filed a Public Records Act request seeking communications about a proposed downtown […]