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May 28,2017 20:20

Technical solutions alone can't stop online harassment

In March, Twitter announced a partnership with IBM’s Watson to combat one of its most vexing and longest-simmering problems: harassment. Twitter has been the scene of some of the highest-profile and most egregious recent acts of online harassment, from Gamergate to Leslie Jones to the so-called troll storms of the…
May 27,2017 00:20

Smart glass technology is making wearable computers accessible

If you thought that wearable computing was the stuff of science fiction movies, companies like Vuzix are bringing this technology to life. With a Smart Glasses range for enterprise and entertainment; hands-free, digital eyewear is becoming an accessible option for all. Why would you want a computer directly in front of your eyes? Here are […]
May 26,2017 16:40


Brian Heath is a fan of several YouTube vloggers, so when he got the chance to take on a technology project of his choosing, he chose to become a video
May 26,2017 03:40

Discovering technology, engineering at camp

For the past three years, CodeREV Kids, a summer camp dedicated to teaching youth about coding and other technology fields, has grown to more than 10 locations. The CodeREV Kids curriculum, developed with the help of professors at Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, is project based so students are able to engage with the lessons and explore their own creativity, Curran s...
May 23,2017 10:40

The future of sensory technology

SENSE.nano will debut May 25-26, marking the first “center of excellence” powered by MIT.nano, the 214,000 square-foot research facility taking shape in the heart of MIT campus. The center will empower people in the MIT community, engage industry leaders, and educate the public about nanoscience and nanotechnology.
May 18,2017 06:20

3 Technology Questions for Mills College

How might higher ed people be constructive participants in the larger conversation about the financial challenges of our nation's excellent tuition-dependent liberal arts colleges?
May 13,2017 09:40

Virginia to Open Autonomous Technology Center

The center will serve as a testing facility for autonomous technology across sectors, but based on recent actions by the government, the center could put a priority on autonomous vehicle development.
May 10,2017 15:40

Technology and Kids: How Much Screen Time is OK?

Even before their first birthday, most kids these days are intimately familiar with images and entertainment presented to them via screens. Whether it’s via the TV, a tablet PC or a smartphone, screen time is almost an inevitability for youngsters, especially if they have older siblings – hence the reason teachers and parents need more information [...]
May 09,2017 14:00

IT industry slows, Indian companies ready for large layoffs

The situation is worsening to a point where affected employees are beginning to approach labour unions to take up their cause. Cognizant last week announced a voluntary separation programme for directors, associate VPs and senior VPs. Some 1,000 executives are expected to go.
May 08,2017 23:40

Seniors take on new technology

Seniors can have a pretty big learning curve when it comes to using technology like iPads or diving into the world of social media. The residents at Brookdale Senior Living are shortening the curve, though.A tech workshop where residents get hands-on exper
May 07,2017 21:00

How to Transform Business Using Technology

Digital transformation is all the rage. Tech-driven business innovation is happening all around us. But how do game-changing technology investments get implemented in real life? Where are examples of success? Here are practical answers from a top business transformation expert.
May 05,2017 08:00

All Eyes on Blockchain: A New Way to Do Business

A recent Deloitte survey conducted at the inaugural the Business of Blockchain conference, produced by MIT Technology Review and the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative, yielded some interesting responses.