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August 17,2017 13:20

Deliveroo launches new technology to make takeaways arrive faster

Deliveroo is launching new technology that it says will help bring takeaways to customers’ doors even more quickly and double the number of meals restaurants are able to produce. The new platform, developed by Manhattan-based food company Maple, provides chefs with item-level information to optimise food preparation time and helps to identify the kitchen bottlenecks that can keep people waiting...
August 17,2017 02:00

Buses Show Off Driverless Technology

RTD is looking to the future with driverless vehcile technology. The company Transdev showed off its version of the buses at the Pepsi Center parking lot on Wednesday.
August 15,2017 16:20

Eliminating the Human

We are beset by—and immersed in—apps and devices that are quietly reducing the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other.
August 13,2017 10:40

Decatur schools invest in more technology

Decatur City Schools will spend almost $500,000 on new technology, with the investment putting Chromebooks in the hands of every fourth- and fifth-grade student as well as adding interactive touchscreen
August 10,2017 17:20

Calculating the value of technology start-ups

Researchers at Oxford University have developed a novel way of determining the value of new technologies in the information and communications sector, filling a significant gap in existing methods and ...
August 09,2017 18:20

“Alexa, Understand Me”

Voice-based AI devices aren’t just jukeboxes with attitude. They could become the primary way we interact with our machines.
August 08,2017 22:40

Technology is changing our relationship with nature as we know it

University of Washington psychology professor Peter Kahn has spent much of his career analyzing the relationship humans have with nature—and he thinks that relationship is more fragile than many of us realize. Kahn works to understand the intersection of two modern phenomena: the destruction of nature, and the growth of technology. As UW’s director of...
August 08,2017 22:40

'Breakthrough' microchip technology helps heal wounds, nerves and organ damage

Scientists have invented a “breakthrough” technology they say will help heal wounds, blood vessels, nerves and damaged organs. The technology, called Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT) uses nanotechnology to turn skin cells into a range of other types of cell that can be used to repair damaged tissues. The cells are converted by a small microchip, similar in size to a penny, which injects gene...
August 08,2017 04:00

Keeping up with technology

TECHNOLOGY has become an integral part of our lives in the last decade thanks to the booming technology sector's contribution in the rapid development of new
August 08,2017 02:40

Apple Needs Micron Technology

Non Volatile Memory is the life blood of Apple's products. Recent problems in the memory supplier base have called into question the timing of the release of the iPhone 8.Erstwhile suppliers of Apple'
August 06,2017 09:40

Bringing Garden Fresh technology to others

Jack Aronson and a minority partner are investing $5.5 million to install the state's first high-pressure processing operation open to other companies in a former Garden Fresh Gourmet building. It will be only the 13th such line in the country, according to the state.