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September 18,2017 11:20

New and unique fitness, lifestyle center opens in Butte

BUTTE--This week, the City of Butte is welcoming a new and unique gym. Nobody's left unhappy, trainer Reece Gendreau said. Everybody has left with a smile on their face saying, 'Man--that was a tough workout, but I'm coming back tomorrow for sure.
September 15,2017 01:20

New study links sedentary lifestyle to risk of early death

So many people have jobs where they sit for majority of the day, but according to a study that came out earlier this week, sitting for extended periods of time may lead to an increased risk of early death. "We already know that Americans are working much more sedentary jobs. About three quarters of us in the workforce work in jobs where we're sitting for most of the day, and we're a...
September 14,2017 22:20

Building a lifestyle

Imagine, if you will, a walkable neighborhood in New Iberia, where welders and CEOs, artists and attorneys, all live side-by-side, sharing space at the cafes and eateries and retail shops
September 13,2017 02:20

Swinger lifestyle and suspicions about lover discussed in second day of Sabrina Limon trial

The investigation into the death of Robert Limon took a dramatic turn exactly 12 days after the Helendale man was gunned down at a Tehachapi railway yard in August 2014.That's when two of Limon's friends contacted detectives and said Limon's wife had long been having an affair with Redlands firefighter Jonathan Hearn, according to court testimony on Tuesday.One of the friends, Jason Bernatene, tes...
September 11,2017 15:40

Mimi G, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

  Mimi G is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and DIY expert behind Mimi G Style. Mimi was born in Puerto Rico, and spent most of her childhood growing up in Chicago. While Mimi has fond memories of her early childhood, things began to change by the time she reached her early teens.
September 09,2017 08:20

Slim Down at a Lifestyle Retreat in Switzerland

This fall, the Chedi Andermatt has teamed up with the No. 1 weight-loss spa in France, Les Thermes de Brides-les-Bains, to create a revolutionary slimming and renewal program for guests of the exclusive Swiss property.
September 08,2017 16:00

Ask Ann Cannon: Friend's unhealthy lifestyle is eating at me

Dear Ann Cannon • My daughter’s friend, whom I love dearly, is severely overweight. She constantly posts photos of herself on Facebook, talking about how she is happy with her weight, doesn’t care that her stomach isn’t flat, doesn’t care what she looks like and how delicious the meal at that restaurant was.
September 07,2017 19:40

Uber's ad campaign encourages a sedentary lifestyle: Commuters

SINGAPORE — Uber’s recent advertising campaign has raised some eyebrows, with posters and billboards pitching its private-hire car rides to those who want an extra 10 minutes’ sleep or who do not like to perspire. Some commuters are saying that the ads appeared to promote a sedentary lifestyle, which runs against the Government’s call for people to exercise more and stay active, but there...
September 06,2017 15:00

Genetic effects are influenced by lifestyle

The risk for developing obesity is influenced by our lifestyle as well as our genes. In a new study from Uppsala University, researchers show that our genetic risk for obesity is not static, but is influenced ...
September 02,2017 15:20

New Institute To Impart Courses On Lifestyle, Education

The Renesmee International Institute of Professional Studies, a leading educational conglomerate of Eastern India, today announced the launch of an institute which will impart professional courses on lifestyle and education, among others.