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January 23,2018 02:40

What Keeps You From Starting Games You Already Own?

I want to play Assassin’s Creed Origins, I really do. The other day, Kotaku’s own Luke Plunkett told me that it takes inspiration from The Witcher 3, which is pretty much all you have to say to make me buy something and tear off the wrapping with my teeth. But then the other shoe dropped.
January 22,2018 16:40

Parsec delivers streaming games from the cloud or your PC

Just a few short years ago, the latency involved in streaming games from the cloud was a deal breaker. But one startup has developed a service so responsive that it support split-second game reactions from a PC hosted in your basement.
January 20,2018 02:20

The Best Transformers Cartoon Got The Worst Video Games

“Trukk not Munkey!” was the cry of fans as they rallied against Beast Wars when it debuted in 1996. But over its three seasons of clever writing, original series easter eggs, excellent voice acting and one heroic sacrifice it became one of the most beloved animated series in Transformers history. It’s a pity its video games are such garbage.
January 18,2018 20:40

Beijing Games could help end NHL/IOC standoff

Since saying "I do" to the International Olympic Committee in 1998 the National Hockey League and Winter Games have endured an often tumultuous relationship, one that ended last year in an acrimonious separation.
January 17,2018 20:40

Romance Games For Women Began With A Management Sim

Otome games like Mystic Messenger and Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side are made specifically for women. The genre began with with Koei’s 1994 game Angelique. Nowadays, otome games are mostly visual novels with lots of reading, but the genre started with a dialogue-light management sim. When I sat down with Tim Rogers to play it for the first time, I saw a lot of the building blocks for later otom...
January 17,2018 16:20

A new Fable game is reportedly in the works at Playground Games

Last February, Playground Games revealed plans to "to test [itself] in a different genre". By November, the Forza Horizon dev confirmed it was working on an open world action RPG, having secured a new 200-person-sized office space. Now, reports suggest a new Fable game is being worked on with Playground at the helm.  While as yet unconfirmed by Microsoft, Eurogamer reports the publi...
January 17,2018 16:20

Poll: The New Games That Japan Wants On The Switch

Even though it’s early in the Switch’s life, the console already has some truly wonderful games. But what new titles in popular franchises do people in Japan most want? Like, that will make them buy a Switch? The answers might—or might not—surprise you.
January 17,2018 08:00

Fox Is Trying to Win the Rights to Thursday NFL Games

21st Century Fox Inc. is seriously pursuing the rights to “Thursday Night Football,” a controversial TV property that could lift viewership of its struggling broadcast network and signal Fox’s path forward after a planned sale of assets to Walt Disney Co.
January 16,2018 22:40

One of the most mysterious games ever made has suddenly returned from the void

I have never beaten Yume Nikki, but that was also sort of the point. I half-suspected that upon completion a candy-colored demon girl would reach out of my monitor and pull me into it. It’s a game about dreams that plays like one, with inscrutable puzzle logic and obtuse RPG menus, full of images and phrases that merge and linger in the mind afterward. It’s unafraid of long washes of nightmari...
January 16,2018 18:00

When games are too bloated

With every Steam sale, our piles of shame grow to new, unsurmountable heights. If you've got a job or a family or some other responsibility, chances are your allocated gaming time is limited. Games can demand a lot of us, these days—whether it's an overload of sidequests, backtracking, repeat playthroughs to see every ending of a story, or because you're playing a multiplayer...
January 16,2018 11:20

Paul Pogba starred against Stoke and is now unbeaten in 35 games

<strong>Paul Pogba was brilliant in <a href='http://www.skysports.com/football/man-utd-vs-stoke/373322' target='_blank'>Manchester United's 3-0 win over Stoke</a> at Old Trafford. Find out why the Frenchman is the Premier League's invincible...</strong>
January 15,2018 12:20

Year in Pixels: The most anticipated games of 2018

​With stand-outs like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn, 2017 will be remembered as one of the best years of gaming in a long time. Although we could spend another whole year working through the backlog, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming up in 2018.