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May 21,2018 03:00

Charlene Maurer Finerty: Not every business needs to be big

Are you in business or hoping to start one? You have plenty of company.A first step in starting a business is realizing you can.Have you noticed that certain traits run in families? Dad fixes cars, child fixes cars. Mom is a dentist, child is a dentist.A single mom had her own silk flower shop next to my former outlet/print shop.Each of her three young adult kids owned shops of their own, because...
May 20,2018 19:20

Business schools bulking up as competition intensifies

While competition for enrollees is still fierce, business schools and colleges have done well in recent years. But as businesses have been changed by forces like globalization and increased technology, so must the schools teaching students how to run them.
May 20,2018 02:40

5 Tips For Building An International Business On A Budget

It's now possible to run an international business, even as a cash-strapped startup. But, doing business can be fraught with challenges, from differences in communication to perceptions of time. Learn five easy tips to make sure that your global expansion goes right.
May 18,2018 12:40

EU launches measures to protect European business in Iran

The European Commission is proposing that EU governments make direct money transfers to Iran's central bank to avoid U.S. penalties, an EU official said, in what would be the most forthright challenge to Washington's newly reimposed sanctions.
May 17,2018 09:00

Digital Transformation Is Critical For Business Development

Digital innovations are creating opportunities quicker and quicker every day. Businesses in every industry need to utilize technological advances to not only stay competitive, but to survive. Let’s take a closer look at successful strategies businesses are using to say ahead of the curve.
May 15,2018 16:40

Starbucks slams Seattle's new big business tax

Starbucks executive says the city's decision to tax big business to alleviate persistent housing and homelessness problems is the wrong move because "this City continues to spend without reforming and fail without accountability."
May 14,2018 23:40

How The Business Of Buying Canceled TV Show Works

When Fox announced the cancellation Brooklyn Nine-Nine, fans rioted online, but were met with good news when NBC picked it up. NPR's Ari Shapiro, speaks with Indie Wire's Michael Schneider about the business of buying canceled TV shows.
May 13,2018 22:40

US Businesses to Make Their Case Against China Tariffs

Trade representative’s office will hold hearings on proposed duties starting Tuesday. Top executives of some big companies are expected to raise complaints, but some manufacturers support the Trump administration’s initiative.
May 13,2018 15:40

Business Observer for May 13

MANAGEMENT• Andrea Carter-Fisher, formerly the assistant registrar, has been named registrar at Bladen Community College.• Carlton Bryan, formerly the registrar, has been named the director of Disabilities, Testing and Veterans Services at Bladen Community College.• Bridgette Singletary, formerly a cashier, is now an accounting specialist at Bladen Community College.• R...