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March 09,2017 00:20

Sagittarius - You are restless and want to do anything except the usual routine.and more »

AriesThis is a good time to bring a creative work to fruition. It may not be totally complete, but you can see that a project is going to “work”. Your energy is flowing well this week. You can make inroads with the Powers that Be. Partnership requires a delicate and tactful attitude if you want to maintain it.
TaurusVenus is your ruling planet and she is turning retrograde in the house of the past. You may find yourself surprised by experiencing feelings you thought were long since finished. This cosmic signature occurs now but it may very well have been making you wistful for much of February. It passes in May. Don’t allow yourself to make huge relationship changes until after that time.
GeminiInformation is coming at you thick and fast. The conflicting ideas may cause you to become confused. Make an effort to slow your responses and don’t speak too quickly until you have really examined the issues. You can take what comes in as slowly as you need to avoid making mistakes.
CancerYou may be the recipient of gossip or false information during this period. At the same time your heart wants to take action on behalf of others. This requires discernment about the reason you are disturbed. Is what you are hearing actually the truth? Or does it hook into an old need to be the hero? You be the judge and act accordingly.
LeoTry not to let your enthusiasm blind you to a reality. What you may be offered, who you believe to be the best thing since sliced bread could have hidden issues, so put a refundable deposit on a much desired item but avoid going the whole nine yards. You need to buy time and think through all the negatives before making a full commitment.
VirgoMercury is your avatar planet. At this time it is in your Seventh House of partnerships and clientele. There may be more going on in that area than you can absorb right now. Remember that you have a right to slow down the information track while you digest it. You fear making mistakes and this could be a time that you become confused by conflicting data.
LibraYou and partner may need some time apart to follow your personal interests. This does not require a split if the two of you can simply co-operate and agree to give each other space. Maintain your sense of humour and don’t take this change so seriously. It does not have to be about the overall quality of the relationship, but if you look at it darkly, it could have those consequences.
ScorpioSomething develops this week that gives you the opportunity to use your skills on behalf of others. It should serve to give you a greater sense of self-esteem while you are supporting those who need it. Issues concerning health are improving.
SagittariusYou are restless and want to do anything except the usual routine. Some of you will be looking for a new house, car, or an exciting high tech device. Your eyes may be bigger than your pocketbook, especially if someone offers you a “deal”. It probably won’t break the bank if you have used caution in the past.
CapricornYour timing and stability are giving you a leadership position in a developing project, which may not be unveiled for another year. For now, hold steady. Your plans are developing well and others will be supportive of your ideas.
AquariusGive attention to caring for “old” things or people in your life. Clean out the basement or attic in your home. Give away or sell whatever you know you will not use in the future. It is a good time to tend to repairs of aging property. It is also favourable for taking actions to secure your future.
PiscesExperiences may seem surreal on some level during this week. You may be doing something you never thought you would do. Hold onto the awareness that you may be misinterpreting what happens. It is also possible that you are unconsciously applying a mask to suit the circumstances. If you feel disconnected, you must go back to your heart center.
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