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Your Guide to 2018 Michigan Primary Elections

August 06,2018 23:18

(WJBK) - The Michigan 2018 Primary Election is here. On Tuesday, voters across Michigan will head to the polls to make some key decisions. Polls open at 7 a.m. and this year, the ballot will be packed with races. Voters will select candidates for ...

- The Michigan 2018 Primary Election is here. On Tuesday, voters across Michigan will head to the polls to make some key decisions.
Polls open at 7 a.m. and this year, the ballot will be packed with races. Voters will select candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, 14 seats in Congress, and the entire Michigan Legislature -- 110 House seats and 38 Senate seats. You also may see candidates in county and school district races, as well as local millages. 
Remember -- you can vote in the Republican, Democratic OR Libertarian primary. Although you don't need to be registered to a party to vote in the primary, you'll have to decide which of the three parties ballots you want to vote for.
Voters won't be selecting attorney general and secretary of state candidates during the primary. Each party will choose their nominee at their state conventions at the end of this month.
Click here if you don't know what district you live in - you can search by your address or check out a map. We've provided a list of candidates in the Metro Detroit area. Click here for a full list of candidates in districts across the state. 
First you'll want to make sure you're registered to vote. As of July 28, more than 7.3 million Michigan residents are registered to vote. You can do figure out if you're registered by entering your name, birthday, and zip code on this website. You can also search by your driver's license number.
If you are indeed registered, you'll see "Yes, You Are Registered!" at the top of the page. Here you'll also see your polling location with an address, a map, a phone number and when you poll opens and closes.
Next, click "My Voting District Information." Here you'll see what jurisdiction you're in and what precinct you're in. You'll see which districts you'll be voting for. You can see what your ballot will look like using this website. All you have to do is select your county, your jurisdiction (city or township), and your precinct. If you really want to do your homework, click here for instructions on how to mark the ballot.
Now when it comes to election day, you won't need to show your voter registration card. Your name will appear on the registered voters list at your polling location. You will however need to show a photo ID, which can include a state-issued ID card, a Michigan's drivers license, a passport, a tribal ID card with photo, a government-issued photo ID, a military ID with a photo, or a student ID with a photo. If you forget your photo ID, you can still vote as long as you sign a affidavit staying you are who you say you are.
Still have questions? Check out the Secretary of State's frequently asked questions. If you still haven't found an answer, click here to find your clerk, who you can contact for specific questions.
For results, click here for a list of counties.
Governor (4-year term)
Abdul El-Sayed (D)Shri Thanedar (D)Gretchen Whitmer (D)Brian Calley (R)Patrick Colbeck (R)Jim Hines (R)Bill Schuette (R)Bill Gelineau (L)John J. Tatar (L)
United States Senator (6-year term)
Debbie Stabenow (D)John James (R)Sandy Pensler (R)
Michigan Senator (4-year term)
District 1 Stephanie Chang (D)James Cole, Jr. (D)Nicholas Rivera (D)Stephanie Roehm (D)Bettie Cook Scott (D)Alberta Tinsley Talabi (D)Pauline Montie (R)
District 2Abraham Aiyash (D)Brian Banks (D)Tommy Campbell (D)George Cushingberry, Jr. (D)Lawrence Ganna (D)Adam Hollier (D)LaMar Lemmons (D)Anam Miah (D)John Olumba (D)William Phillips (D)Regina L. Williams (D)John Hauler (R)Lisa Papas (R)
District 2 - Partial Term Ending 1/1/19Abraham Aiyash (D)Brian Banks (D)George Cushingberry, Jr. (D)Adam Hollier (D)LaMar Lemmons (D)John Olumba (D)Joe Ricci (D)
District 3Anita Belle (D)Terry Burrell (D)Sylvia Santana (D)Gary Woronchak (D)Kathy Stecker (R)
District 4Marshall Bullock (D)Fred Durhal (D)Carron L. Pinkins (D)Angela Savino (R)
District 5David Knezek (D)Betty Jean Alexander (D)DeShawn Wilkins (R)
District 6Erika Geiss (D)Robert Kosowski (D)Brenda Jones (R)
District 8Patrick Biange (D)Raymond Filipek (D)Paul R. Francis (D)Ken Goike (R)Peter Lucido (R)
District 9Kristina Lodovisi (D)Paul Wojno (D)Fred Kuplicki (R)Jeff Bonnell (R)
District 10Henry Yanez (D)Michael Shallal (R)Michael MacDonald (R)Joseph Bogdan (R)Mike Saliba (L)
District 11Crystal Bailey (D)Jeremy Moss  (D)Vanessa Moss  (D)James Turner  (D)James K. Young (L)Boris Tuman (R)
District 12Rosemary Bayer (D)Mike McCready (R)Vernon Molnar (R)Jim Tedder (R)Terry Whitney (R)Jeff Pittel (L)
District 15Julia Pulver (D)Jim Runestad (R)Mike Saari (R)
Michigan House of Representatives (2-year term)
District 1Shaun Maloy (D)Tenisha Yancey (D)Mark Corcoran (R)Gregory Creswell (L)
District 2Kinda Makini Anderson (D)Carol Banks  (D)Willie Bell (D)Latisha Johnson (D)E. Regina Jones (D)Joe Tate (D)Carla Tinsley-Smith (D)John Palffy (R)
District 3Wendell Byrd (D)China Cochran (D)John Cromer (D)Christopher Owens (D)Omar Proctor (D)Dolores Brodersen (R)
District 4Md Rabbi Alam (D)Saad A. Almasmari (D)Derek Boston (D)Christopher L. Collins (D)Matt Friedrichs (D)Justin Jessop (D)Myya Jones (D)Ernest T. Little (D)Diana McMillan (D)Jeffrey Nolish (D)Michele Oberholtzer (D)Rico Razo (D)Syed Rob (D)Isaac Robinson (D)Howard Weathington (R)
District 5Cynthia Johnson (D)Mark Anthony Murphy, Jr. (DMark C. Payne, Jr. (D)Rita Ross (D)Jermaine R. Tobey (D)Cliff Woodards II (D)Dorothy Patterson (R)
District 6Willie E. Burton (D)Tyrone Carter (D)Tom Choske (D)Terra DeFoe (D)Aghogho Edevbie (D)Paula Georgette Humphries (D)Samantha Magdaleno (D)David Sanchez (D)Ricardo D. White (D)Charlsetta Wilson (D)Linda Sawyer (R)
District 7LaTanya Garrett (D)Najanava Harvey-Quinn (D)Jeff Jones (D)Elene Robinson (D)Ronald J. Cole (R)Marcelis Turner (R)
District 8LaSonya Beaver (D)Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D)George A. Etheridge (D)Jasmine Henry (D)Seydi Sarr (D)Valerie R. Parker (R)
District 9Gary Pollard (D) Donald L. Stuckey, II (D) Karen Whitsett (D) James Stephens (R)
District 10Rhonda Barley (D) James Brenner (D) Tyson Kelley (D) Leslie Love (D) Articia Bomer (R)William Brang (R)Jeremy Morgan (L)
District 11Randy E. Walker (D)Jewell Jones (D)James Townsend (R)
District 12Tomeka Boles (D)Alex Garza (D)Lauretha Shelton (D)Alexandria Taylor (D)Michelle Bailey (D)
District 13Frank Liberati (D)Asmaa Alhasani (D)Annie Spencer (R)
District 14Cara Clemente (D)Mark Joseph Kremer (D)Darrell Stasik (R)
District 15Abdullah Hammoud (D)Doug Mitchell (R)
District 16Mike McDermott (D)Jacob Johnson  (D)Bill Johnson  (D)Kevin Coleman (D)Jody Rice-White (R)
District 17Michelle LaVoy (D)Joe Bellino, Jr. (R)
District 19Dan Centers (D)Laurie Pohutsky (D)Brian Meakin (R)
District 20Matt Koleszar (D)Jeff Noble (R)
District 21Kristy Pagan (D)Darian Moore (R)
District 23Darrin Camilleri (D)Michael Frazier (R)
District 18Kevin Hertel (D)Kyle McKee (R)
District 22John Chirkun (D)Arthur Blundell (R)Matt Kuehnel (L)
District 24Laura Winn (D)Steve Marino (R)
District 25Nate Shannon (D)Jazmine M. Early (R)
District 28Patrick Green (D)Lori M. Stone (D)Aaron Delikta (R)Ryan Manier (L)
District 30Wisam Naoum (D)John P. Spica (D)Diana Farrington (R)
District 31 Michelle Robertson (D)William J. Sowerby (D)Catherine Osinski Dinka (R)Lisa Valerio-Nowc (R)
District 32Paul Manley (D)Pamela Hornberger (R)
District 33Andrea Geralds (D)Jeff Yaroch (R)
District 36Robert Murphy (D)Kristopher Pratt (D)Scott Czasak (R)Frank Lams (R)Karen Potchynok-Lund (R)Tom Stanis (R)Douglas C. Wozniak (R)Benjamin Dryke (L)
District 26Jim Ellison (D) Al Gui (R)
District 27Michelangelo Fortuna, III (D)Robert Wittenberg (D)Janet Flessland (R)Benjamin Carr (L)
District 29Kone Bowman (D)Brenda Carter  (D)Mike Demand (D)Chris Jackson (D)Keyon Payton (D)Kermit Williams (D)Timothy D. Carrier (R)
District 35Kyra Harris Bolden (D)Lisa Cece (D) Vincent Gregory (D)Alex Meyers (D)Michael Poole (D)Katie Reiter (D)Theodore Alfonsetti, III (R)
District 37Christine Greig (D)Mitch Swoboda (R)Dylan M. Gomula (R)
District 38Aditi Bagchi (D)Kelly A. Breen (D)Joe Petrillo (D)Kathy Crawford (R)Chase Turner (R)Brian R. Wright (L)
District 39Jennifer Suidan (D)Ryan Berman (R)Phillip L. Hoyt (R)Kevin Tatulyan (R)Marsha Kosmatka (R)Anthony Croff (L)
District 40Nicole Bedi (D)Mari Manoogian (D)Mike Banerian (R)Malissa Bossardet (R)Paul Secrest (R)Paul Taros (R) David Wolkinson (R)
District 41Padma Kuppa (D)Doug Tietz (R)Ethan Baker (R)Ronald Dwyer (R)
District 43Nicole Breadon (D)Andrea Schroeder (R)Anthony Bartolotta (R)Jose Aliaga (R)
District 44Laura Dodd (D)Steven White, Jr. (D)Matt Marko (R)April R. Guiles (R)Matt Maddock (R)Michael T. Mamut (R)Lynn O'Brien (R)

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