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Wellness Coach, Rebecca Louise Shares Lifestyle Tips For 2017

March 08,2017 09:45

Rebecca Louise believes that a healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. She has made it her mission to seek out a nutrition program that provides her with a balance of protein, nutrients and calories. This lets her achieve her wellness ...

Rebecca Louise is on a mission to find out exactly what drives you. She wants you to reach your full potential using her workouts, inspirational videos and the story of her own adventures. Louise aims to help people discover the power of  balance in terms of exercise and great nutrition. It is time to set yourself on track and take control of your own health, wellness and life!
Rebecca Louise, Who Is She?
The professional fitness coach is based in Southern California. She is a wellness coach, and trainer, for highly popular online fitness programs such as XHIT, XF Extreme Fitness and GymRa. Rebecca Louise believes that a healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
She has made it her mission to seek out a nutrition program that provides her with a balance of protein, nutrients and calories. This lets her achieve her wellness goals in a healthy way. This nutrition program and active lifestyle has enabled her and the people she works with to feel incredible every day and experience the best lifestyles.
What Is Her Story?
Rebecca Louise has her own YouTube channel, Instagram Blog, Facebook Page and has started her very own Vlog. She is motivating thousands through her lifestyle tips, travel workouts and celebrity fitness routines.
Rebecca Louise tells us that, ‘a lot on social media can feel not as real, so I try to do live-streams or talk to my audience to forge  a connection’.
Louise Challenges Misconceptions About  Fitness
The inspirational fitness coach says her videos are great because they change the mentalities of those followers who believe that going to the gym, or for a strenuous run, are the only ways to keep fit. Through her videos they find out that fitness can be simple if done regularly.
Rebecca says, ‘changing someone’s mentality and having them change their minds about fitness is amazing. 10 minutes go by so quickly and you get great results.’
What Does Rebecca Louise Recommend?
Here are a few tips that the ‘fitness fundi’ is sharing with us for 2017:
1 Lifestyle Habits
Rebecca Louise tells us that you have to drink lots of water and always stay hydrated. This will:
Boost your energy
Clear up your skin
Speed-up metabolism
Help you lose unwanted fat
2 Fitness
Her advice to all of her followers is to find a workout buddy. Your buddy will keep you accountable and will motivate you to keep pushing yourself. You will then be able to reach your goals quickly. She also recommends that you find the workout that you love the most. Check out local classes in your area. She says it is also a great way to meet new people.
3 Nutrition
Her most important tip to follow here is to be prepared with your daily meals. This avoids the stress of not knowing what to make, when to make it and how to make it. She recommends using ‘Hello Fresh,’ which provides step-by-step healthy recipes. It also sources all of its own ingredients. Lastly, get the right workout products to maximise your performance.
4 Motivation
Rebecca Louise says that reading personal development books really helps boost motivation. She also says that it is good to watch motivational videos.
5 Time Management
Create a daily schedule
Follow Rebecca’s Calendar
Her calendar has been customised to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It includes 30 minutes of exercise routines everyday and provides a recipe on a Sunday.
Motivational people such as Rebecca Louise allow us to learn, grow and improve through their personal stories and experiences. She provides you with a step-by-step process to bettering yourself. And finally, Rebecca proves to us that living a healthy lifestyle is possible, anywhere at anytime.
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