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July 16,2017 20:26

WASHINGTON (AP) — There's another possible delay to the Senate's consideration of a Republican bill to repeal and replace the Obama-era health care law. The Congressional Budget Office had been scheduled to release an analysis Monday on the latest ...and more »

The Latest: CBO delays analysis of latest health care bill
WASHINGTON (AP) — There’s another possible delay to the Senate’s consideration of a Republican bill to repeal and replace the Obama-era health care law.
The Congressional Budget Office had been scheduled to release an analysis Monday on the latest GOP bill, including estimated cost and scope of insurance coverage.
But the Senate Budget Committee on Sunday said the release had been postponed. The committee did not indicate an explanation or when the analysis was expected, saying it will provide further information and updates as appropriate.
The CBO’s announcement comes after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was delaying a highly anticipated Senate vote this coming week on the bill, after Sen. John McCain’s disclosed that he had undergone surgery. Doctors had advised McCain to recover in Arizona this week.
Trump lawyer says nothing illegal in son’s Russia meeting
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s attorney says there was nothing illegal in the meeting Trump’s eldest son had with a Russian lawyer during last year’s presidential campaign.
Donald Trump Jr.’s willingness to meet with the lawyer in the expectation of receiving incriminating information about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has raised new questions about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
The president’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, defended Trump and his son in a series of appearances Sunday on five television networks. He said repeatedly that nothing in the meeting was in violation of the law.
In addition to Trump Jr., others in the June 2016 meeting included Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, both of whom played major roles in the campaign.
The Latest: Macron calls for new Israeli-Palestinian talks
PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron has called for new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to create two independent states.
After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris, Macron said that “everything should be done so that negotiations restart” with the aim of reaching a two-state solution, as the international community has long sought.
Macron also condemned an attack last week that killed two Israeli police officers at a Jerusalem shrine revered by Jews and Muslims.
Macron’s office said he is concerned about Israel’s security but also about growing Jewish settlement building, and worried that Netanyahu is backing away from commitment to a two-state solution.
The two leaders also discussed fighting extremism in Syria and elsewhere, and improving economic cooperation.
The Latest: Palestinians reject Israeli holy site security
JERUSALEM (AP) — The Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem says arrangements at a Muslim-administered holy site in Jerusalem need to return to how they were before a deadly attack.
Adnan Husseini says Sunday the Palestinians will not accept Israeli security measures for entrance to the site. Though he acknowledged that there was violence he said it “shouldn’t be an excuse for making changes.”
Israel reopened the compound — known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount — after Israel imposed new security measures, including metal detectors at the entrance gates and additional security cameras. For the first time in decades, Israel closed the site Friday after an attack by three Arab citizens of Israel who opened fire from the sacred site and killed two police officers before being shot dead.
At least 4 dead in flash floods at Arizona swimming hole
PAYSON, Ariz. (AP) — A rural fire chief says at least four people were found dead and about a dozen more are missing after flash flooding poured over a popular swimming area inside the Tonto National Forest in central Arizona.
Water Wheel Fire and Medical District Fire Chief Ron Sattelmaier said more than a hundred people were in the Cold Springs Swimming Hole Saturday afternoon when a severe thunderstorm pounded down on a nearby remote area that had been burned over by a recent wildfire.
Three bodies were recovered Saturday and another was found Sunday morning. The deaths include at least one child.
Four people rescued by helicopter Saturday were taken to the hospital for hypothermia.
About a dozen other people remain unaccounted for.
This happened about an hour and half’s drive from Phoenix.
Should NYPD lawyers step in to prosecute? Protesters say no
NEW YORK (AP) — New York Police Department lawyers have been stepping into court to prosecute some low-level cases, including some against people arrested while protesting police brutality.
Activists are now trying to put a stop to the police-department prosecutions.
Two women arrested at a 2016 Black Lives Matter protest are scheduled for trial in criminal court this fall. Meanwhile, a ruling is expected soon in their civil suit challenging the police-attorney prosecutors.
Their lawyers say NYPD attorneys are improperly using prosecutions to fight false-arrest lawsuits.
The NYPD says it’s sick of getting sued by people who got cases dismissed in a summons court that usually has no prosecutor.
There’s a history of police officers acting as prosecutors in low-level cases around the U.S. The custom has engendered some debate.
The Latest: Venezuelan opposition turns out voters in US
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan citizens are voting at polling places in Boston, Worcester and hundreds of other sites in the U.S., joining their countrymen at home in a symbolic rejection of the Venezuelan government’s plan to rewrite the constitution.
Boston resident Ana Julia Jatar says Venezuelans are voting because they want elections. She says they “want to go back to a Democratic system in which we can vote and elect those who we think would manage the country best for us and our children.”
She’s the sister of journalist Braulio Jatar, who was detained on money laundering charges after publicizing a protest against President Nicolas Maduro.
Supporters of the referendum hope to win enough turnout to undermine the validity of President Nicolas Maduro’s constitutional assembly. The opposition says that plan is structured to pack the constitutional assembly with government supporters and allow Maduro to eliminate the few remaining checks on his power.
Focus on Russia or health care, Dems divided on message
NEW YORK (AP) — Republicans are fending off questions about Russia and the Trump campaign, and dealing with an unpopular health care plan. But Democrats have yet to unify behind a clear, core message that will help them take advantage of their opponents’ struggles.
Some Democrats want to rally behind calls to impeach Trump as new evidence indicates possible collusion with the Russian government. Others want to focus on the GOP’s plans to strip health insurance from millions of Americans. And still others say those arguments can be fashioned into a simplified brand.
Democratic leaders in Washington are promising to release a new message this fall.
The soul-searching comes as Democrats look to break up GOP control of Congress and many statehouses in next year’s midterm elections.
Detroit at crossroads 50 years after riots devastated city
DETROIT (AP) — Five decades after a deadly riot devastated some Detroit neighborhoods, the city may be on the cusp of turning things around.
Protests and violence that started July 23, 1967, after police raided an illegal after-hours club lasted five days. Authorities called in the National Guard and Army.
More than 7,000 people were arrested and over 1,400 buildings burned. Forty-three people — 33 blacks and 10 whites — were killed.
The riot would speed up the departure of whites to the suburbs. Middle-class blacks would follow. The population has fallen by about 1.1 million since the 1950s.
But Detroit is fixing up its neighborhoods and its image.
Unemployment is down to 11 percent. Downtown is thriving and the population appears to be leveling out at around 670,000.
The Latest: Hingis and Jamie Murray win at Wimbledon
LONDON (AP) — Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis won the mixed doubles title at Wimbledon by beating Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson 6-4, 6-4 on Centre Court.
Murray and Hingis, who have both previously won the title playing with different partners, were playing their first Grand Slam together.
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