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Trump's Wednesday rally puts Ohio back under political spotlight

November 30,-0001 00:00

CINCINNATI —The national political spotlight is about to shine in bright fashion once again on Greater Cincinnati. Butler Co. Sheriff Richard Jones to speak at another... Donald Trump's campaign invites the Butler County sheriff to speak at another ...and more »

The national political spotlight is about to shine in bright fashion once again on Greater Cincinnati.
Watch this reportOn the heels of a major Democratic campaign appearance by Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at Union Terminal, Donald Trump is bringing his unconventional campaign to Sharonville’s Convention Center on Wednesday to raise both money and momentum.“This is big for the Trump campaign,” Eric Deters, an enthusiastic Trump supporter who has helped steer Trump’s Northern Kentucky support, said. “Everybody knows it’s about Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida and a few other states.”Deters advised watching the excitement level at Trump’s rally Wednesday night, predicting it’ll be off the charts.“There’s more Republican votes to be had here than anywhere else in the state. So this will be the first, I believe, of many visits,” Deters said.To stoke the anti-Trump fires, Democratic Council members Yvette Simpson and Chris Seelbach gathered like-minded community leaders and activists on the City Hall steps Tuesday afternoon to assail Trump as an unfolding, unmitigated disaster.“I don’t think that Donald Trump is going to unify this country. I don’t think he’ll unify enough voters to become president,” Seelbach said.The heat has turned higher as a new USA Today poll showed Clinton’s double-digit lead over Trump had narrowed to five points.Yet her consistently-high unfavorable numbers are still trumped by Trump.That’s how volatile the race is between the two out-sized, and many say polarizing, personalities.“People are paying more attention to this one,” Xavier political analyst Gene Beaupre said. “You know, they’re waiting for the news that night to see who slapped who, you know, that sort of thing.”Sources said the Trump campaign expects to pull in at least $300,000 from the private fundraiser which will be held at the Sharonville Convention Center prior to the public rally.Donors will pay $2,700 to get into the fundraiser, $10,000 for a photo with Trump and $25,000 for a private roundtable discussion with him.Sources said donors are starting to become more interested in participating and backing the candidate.Some are social conservatives, some are Libertarian-leaning and some are more traditional GOP donors.WLWT was told they have a strong desire to see to it that Hillary Clinton does not get opportunities to nominate Supreme Court justices. They like the list Trump revealed some weeks ago, but are concerned about Trump’s lack of substance and depth on various issues such as foreign policy.But given the mood of the electorate about the established political elite, they are inclined to roll the dice and go with Trump.“You know what rich people want? They want to bet on the winner,” Deters said.The list of speakers at the public rally for Trump is still being put together.Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones confirms he will address the rally.Both campaigns said they are well attuned to the importance of this area of the state.They recognize that Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont counties could determine which way Ohio goes and that Ohio, as it has in the past at times, could determine which way the country goes.

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