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Top new games: Super villains, Super Mario, basketball and car races

November 18,2018 12:24

The 80 mini-games are designed to make use of the capabilities of the Switch console's controller. For example, the strength of a vibration might indicate where a treasure is hidden or when pumping water you have to move the controller up and down rapidly.

Many new releases await players of PC and console games. We look at a selection of them.
Dribbling and dunking – NBA2K Playgrounds 2
It's not often you get the chance to play basketball with different people on different continents at the same time. But by luring players away from real basketball courts and into its online multiplayer mode, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 from 2K Games makes it possible.
Players from all over the world can compete against each other in the game's two-on-two mode. New in comparison to the game's predecessor is also "season mode" which should keep players motivated for longer.
Basketball fans should be happy with the variety of selectable characters, and more than 400 current and former stars are available. The developers have given them the appropriate moves and animation so that an identification with, for example, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan is even easier. You can also kit your basketball hero out with the appropriate outfit.
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is available for the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, the Switch and PCs for around US$35 (RM147). There's no age restriction.
Mini-game mega-fun – Super Mario Party
It's now as much a part of every Nintendo console as Mario Kart and The Legend Of Zelda. Nintendo's Super Mario Party unites all the Japanese game giant's characters in a big party where they try to find out who's the best.
And that, naturally, involves mini-games on a big board. Twenty characters are available and the goal is to collect as many of them as possible.
The 80 mini-games are designed to make use of the capabilities of the Switch console's controller. For example, the strength of a vibration might indicate where a treasure is hidden or when pumping water you have to move the controller up and down rapidly.
Party games require communication and cooperation and anyone who jumps into the game on their own is unlikely to keep playing for long. Rather than solitary play, this game is ideal for families or friends to play together. Super Mario Party is available for the Nintendo Switch for around US$68 (RM285) and is suitable for all ages.
Love in times of war – My Memory Of Us
My Memory Of Us is a puzzle platformer with a tragic and at times wonderful story. Two young people in love are ripped apart by turbulent times in a tale about friendship, love and the will to survive. The parallels to World War 2 are strong.
Both protagonists have the special skills necessary to survive the adventure and teamwork is very important as it's possible to control both of them separately or to move the pair together. Visually, the game is sketched in black, white and red in a manner that perfectly reflects the plot.
My Memory of Us is available for PCs, the Playstation 4 and the Switch for around US$17 (RM71). It's suitable for players aged six and older.
Driving around Britain – Forza Horizon 4
Rarely have the weather changes of the different seasons been more successfully represented in a race simulation game before.
The location is Britain and the landscape is outstandingly rendered. Cruising around, feeling the road under your tyres and soaking in the realistic settings – that's what Forza Horizon 4 is all about.
Players find themselves in an open world, driving from challenge to challenge. Auto-freaks certainly get their money's worth with 450 models from 100 car makers making up the potential fleet. On top of it all, almost infinite modifications can be made to the cars.
The categories alternate between road race, cross-country, dirt road and street scene. Variety is provided by side quests such as speed camera challenges or drift tasks. Once again, the developers have succeeded in making the driving behaviour of the various vehicles something that players can really experience.
Forza Horizon 4 is suitable for short bursts of fun, but if you want to explore the whole game world you'll have to invest a lot of time. The game is available for the Xbox One and PCs from around US$70 (RM293) and is suitable for players aged six and older.
Fear, terror and fun – Lego DC Super Villains
Warner Bros Interactive has brought together two worlds in its latest game for PCs and consoles – the world of DC Comics and the world of Lego. In Lego DC Super Villains, the player slips into the role of a super villain and explores a Lego world, spreading fear and terror – and lots of fun.
The storyline is that the Justice League, which stands for the good in the world, has lost power and disappeared. The power vacuum has been filled by the Justice Syndicate, which is made up of doppelgangers of the superheroes.
These shady characters include the Joker, Harley Quinn and Lex Luthor. The game, which is suitable for players aged 12 and older, is especially fun when played in local co-op mode.
Lego DC Super Villains is available for the Playstation 4, the Xbox One and the Switch as well as PCs. The console versions cost around US$70 and the PC version around US$45 (RM189). – dpa

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