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This week's astrology predictions: What your horoscope for the week starting April 16 says

April 16,2018 14:27

Most of us get curious about upcoming weeks. If given a chance, we would like to know what the days have in store for us. If you fall into this category too, these astrology predictions might be able to help. Here's the horoscope for all zodiac signs ...

Most of us get curious about upcoming weeks. If given a chance, we would like to know what the days have in store for us. If you fall into this category too, these astrology predictions might be able to help. Here's the horoscope for all zodiac signs - from Capricorn to Sagittarius. Read on to know more.
Horoscope for the week starting April 16

Aries horoscope: You are highlighted by almost ideal financial and personal situations. You're in a very powerful position to implement projects that could affect masses of people. Whatever you do will be potent and powerful. Your sense of the trends of the times enables you to know what people will respond to. You have a special awareness of the people's needs and the common issues. Expect financial conditions to be dynamic and exciting now. Your partners may have a magnetic appeal that attracts the right conditions and people. You'll have a chance to earn even more money through the strength of your personality. Accept any executive position that comes your way. You may sense that destiny is at work in your life, and your creative ability may be heightened as you explore this mysterious urge. If you are fortunate enough to find your life path, celebrate and share your insights with others. You may decide to write about your experiences or you may translate them into action that will be beneficial to many people. 
Taurus horoscope: The actions you take now will have consequences in the long run. You must choose whether you want those consequences to be positive or disruptive. Be very selective about the people you associate with now, because those connections could be long lasting and may even bring discussions about a new home and lifestyle. If you work with anything related to land, property or your home, you can expect success, soon. If you feel depressed, you might just be tired. Events can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you let old memories or current pressures take hold of you. Recharge your batteries by tuning in to a latent creative talent or by stimulating an activity that has been dormant for some time. You could derive much pleasure from forming new associations with people who are creative and innovative. Start something new. 
Gemini horoscope: This week you will be highlighted by some exciting news related to emotional ties. You'll feel more exhilaration related to groups and friends. If you are frightened by the rapidly changing patterns, try to work through your feelings. Tears and a sense of humor are your antidotes. You could have a new sense of life, thanks to your associations, friendships. You'll exude a special charm and sweetness, that'll warm even the coldest of hearts. Join forces with a partner or your mate to create a beautiful ambiance in your home life. Your improved financial condition is a result of your own initiative. You may even find a way to make extra money doing something at home. Start new projects. Some of these may involve home decor or flowers. Your artistic sense is heightened and needs an outlet. 
Cancer horoscope: An unusual partnership could turn into a more serious commitment when thoughts of a shared lifestyle enter the picture. Be aware of the vulnerability of someone who remains behind the scenes in your life. You and your partner may want to keep the new phase of your relationship to yourselves for now. Spend some time alone with the one you love. Hide from people who would pry into your affairs. Take some time to go behind the scenes. Conduct quiet negotiations and come to an agreement about contractual matters and career goals. You could start new projects that will propel you into a place of prominence in your public life. Don't let partners pressure you. Focus on distribution, importing, exporting, and travel. If you want to travel, now would be a good time to plan excursions that could be romantic and meaningful. 
Leo horoscope: this week you will be highlighted by the joy in the challenge of creative activity. Reach out to make contact with someone at a distance. Opportunities may arise at work, and you could benefit financially by taking advantage of them. Travel with someone you love, to help cement loving ties and bring about more accord in communication. You may be blessed to find someone by your side who can help you combine a demanding public life with a serene home situation. Any work you do with land or property could give you special satisfaction. You deserve a break from the pressures of the recent past. Consider restructuring certain areas of your life to provide a platform of security that will make everything seem brighter. Loving partnership, romance, and pleasant situations at the base of your life could mitigate any pressures that remain from the past. You're on a new track. Pay attention to the voice of inspiration. 
Virgo horoscope: This week you will be amazed by a wonderful bonus that is coming your way. Some former investment of your time, talent or energy could pay off in a dynamic way. Show what you're really made of. You could raise funds for a cause that is very dear to your heart. Don't be surprised if you benefit personally from these efforts, as well. Discover a talent that may have lain dormant in the past. You may make a connection with a powerful working associate who may mean more to you, later. Get ready for surprise funds that come your way. You may be nervous about your financial security. It may seem to you that funds simply run through your fingers. In reality, however, taking risks is the way to open the door for miracles to occur. You may feel more at ease with friends and with life in general, now that you have a home to your liking. Don't worry about your future. Your need for affection is quite strong now, and sensuality may begin to play a larger role in your life. 
Libra horoscope: this week you have to be careful in making judgments about your current partnership situation. Someone else may be under pressure and need your compassion and understanding. Any matters connected with promotion, publicity or distribution could seem stymied. If you are contributing to the reputation of a group and are overlooked for special recognition, make sure you acknowledge to yourself what you've contributed. If someone steps on your toes, see it as a challenge to value yourself on a deeper level. A situation at the base of your life or in relation to your home or lifestyle may cause some concern. Protect your reputation at a distance. Your determination could be severely tested. Don't let depression or hasty judgments interfere with your progress. Keep going. Look for the silver lining in the clouds. 
Scorpio horoscope: this week you will be amazed by a last minute change of plans. If you feel that your public life has changed drastically, you're probably correct. You may find it difficult to change pace in an emergency. You could feel as if you're walking to the edge of a cliff. Try not to express an overly emotional reaction to people, especially those who are associated with your career. Eventually, you'll see the advantage of the new conditions. Uncertainties are part of the growth process. Have a secret or quiet conversations with someone on the job to ensure that you're headed in the right direction. Special honor and recognition come your way when you show your concern for friends, groups, or associates. You seem to know exactly what people need and want. The confirmation you get will help you to make decisions about your ability to take care of others. Be sure you don't rescue anyone. Instead, help others to help themselves.
Sagittarius horoscope: This week's scenario is highlighted by mixed emotions & setting new goals that will allow more creativity into your life. You may accidentally hurt the feelings of someone you value. Don't forget to thank people who are working on your behalf and give a partner some extra pats on the back. You may soon be in a position to reap financial benefits from a distance or from situations that require promotional efforts or distribution. Your optimistic nature will serve you well as you integrate more practical methods into work, self-expression and finance. You are developing a better business sense with each passing day. Work pressures could take a toll on your health, and limited financial resources don't help the 
Capricorn horoscope: this week you may be quite sensitive & could overreact to others. You may even be tempted to say some things you'll regret, later. Think carefully before you speak. Write out your thoughts to see if you can gain a new perspective on the situation. In the process, you may gain some insight into the next phase of your creative projects. You are attuned to people in your public life and in return you'll receive a wonderful response. Treasure that gift and protect it. A situation with investments, risks or the expression of your talent could get you down, momentarily. You may need extra funds to keep projects going with land or real estate. This is not the time to ask for help or to try to collect funds that are owed to you. It is, however, a good time to make plans that will take you into new social situations and bring more pleasure into your life. Most of your responsibilities will wait. In the meantime, join forces with a partner or your mate to create more ease in your lifestyle. 
Aquarius horoscope: This week's scenario is highlighted by greater happiness through self-expression. It may not be very easy for you to express yourself with clarity, but it could be very important to stick to the facts of a situation. If it is necessary to raise funds to complete project, write out a business plan. When terms are in writing, they can be edited and clarified to give the true meaning. When you speak, however, your words sometimes have emotional overtones and those feelings could cloud the issues and delay your getting what you need and want. You may overestimate situations with groups and suffer small disappointments. Have alternative plans ready. You're extremely sensitive and vulnerable now and could feel paralyzed if people let you down. Aim high and express more of your artistry in connection with your home life, land, and property. 
Pisces horoscope: You may discover that you're overreacting to events or situations that will straighten out on their own. People tend to promise more than they can deliver. Try to keep your disappointment to yourself. You may even discover that events will work out in your favor. You could benefit by having discussions about finances, look for new situations and go after new opportunities. You'll be surprised at what could occur now. Secret, one-on-one discussions will prove to be more successful than an attempt to speak to a group or to family members. Partners will see your point of view if you are sensitive to their needs as you make your appeal. A situation with land, home or property demands that you reach agreements about details. You may be ready to express a special talent that is not only viable in your own life but can be made to fit the lives of many people. 
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