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This spy agency meddled in its own country's elections: report

August 04,2017 23:18

South Korea's spy agency has admitted it manipulated the country's 2012 elections to favor conservative candidates such as Park Geun-hye, who won the presidential contest but was later impeached, dismissed and replaced by a liberal candidate. (Photo by ...

South Korea's spy agency has acknowledged that it meddled in the country's parliamentary and presidential elections, trying to rig the contests to favor conservative candidates, according to an Agence France-Presse report in the South China Morning Post. The National Intelligence Service says its cyberwarfare unit ran as many as 30 teams on the effort in the two years leading up to the 2012 elections.
"The agency hired internet-savvy civilians and sought to sway voter opinions through postings on portals and Twitter," the report says. It quotes the spy agency's investigators as saying: "The teams were charged with spreading pro-government opinions and suppressing anti-government views, describing them as pro-North Korean forces' attempts to disturb state affairs."
The incumbent president in 2012 was conservative Lee Myung-bak. His colleague, Park Geun-hye, won the election but was later impeached and dismissed. The new president, elected in May, is liberal Moon Jae-in, who had lost to Park five years ago.
Read the full story in the Morning Post.

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