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The Hollywood Reporter's 2018 Women in Entertainment Power 100

December 05,2018 20:16

To create the 27th annual list of entertainment's top female leaders, The Hollywood Reporter delved into 2018's box office and ratings hits, hot deals and industry milestones — from cultural phenomena (Black Panther) to mega-mergers (Disney-Fox) — to ...

CATEGORY Industry Stewards
As head for two years of the 160,000-strong actors union, Carteris, 57, this year oversaw major initiatives to address sexual harassment and welcomed in Telemundo performers, who voted to unionize and signed their first contract in July, the first time in 65 years that actors at a major TV network have sought unionization. Berman, 62, and Fisher, 69, were voted presidents of the 8,500-member PGA in June. While each is busy producing — as head of The Jackal Group, Berman has projects at Fox, CBS and Netflix, and an animated Addams Family movie hitting theaters in October; while Fisher, co-chairman of Red Wagon Productions, is developing a Gladiator sequel with director Ridley Scott — they served on the task force that created the PGA's Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines (which has served as a template for other industry groups) and are working on health insurance options for their membership. They're also exploring bringing the Producers Mark, an established part of film credits, to TV. Putnam, 53, has channeled support to 500 artists via 21 residency labs (where Sorry to Bother You was developed), and nearly $3 million in grants for films including RBG. Hudson's push for a popular Oscar proved not at all popular and was shelved, but the 62-year-old continues efforts to diversify Academy ranks, as the organization invited a record 928 new members — 31 percent of its 9,200-plus members are now women; 16 percent are people of color.
My three morning musts
Berman: "Watch the East Coast feed of Morning Joe. Call my 95-year-old dad. Catch up with [Jackal Group president] Joe Earley before the rest of the staff arrives."
Fisher: "Talking to our oldest daughter while she is on her way to work. Talking to our middle daughter while she is on her way to work. Talking to our youngest daughter while she is on her way to work."
Carteris: "First I kiss my husband good morning. I go to hot yoga, and grab a Starbucks venti almond latte. And, of course, I look over my calendar to see what's on for the day."
Hudson: "Meditation, treadmill, wishing I had gone to bed earlier."
Putnam: "Coffee, Longreads and a walk."
I'd love to work with …
Berman: "Jordan Peele. He's hilarious, forward-thinking and a hell of a director."
Fisher: "Ryan Coogler."
Carteris: "Ryan Murphy. He recognizes his position in the Hollywood ecosystem and uses his voice with purpose and focus on inclusion. Plus, he's a great director!"
Hudson: "Salma Hayek and Issa Rae. I am drawn to people who are using their talent to change the world, either overtly or subversively."
Putnam: "Greta Gerwig."
What might surprise people about me
Berman: "I ride a Vespa."
Fisher: "My longest job before Warner Bros. was as a waitress."
Carteris: "I have the soul of a singer and the voice of a dog."
Hudson: "I make a very good gluten-free apple galette."
Putnam: "I medaled in Junior Olympic water ballet."
My entertainment guilty pleasure
Berman: "Botched … can't turn away."
Fisher: "Candy Crush, of course."
Carteris: "I don't watch it often, but I really enjoy the show Below Deck: Mediterranean. It's about the crew of this charter ship and I just love the drama."
Hudson: "The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I love the passion everyone has."
Putnam: "Great British Baking Show (all seasons)."

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