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The 'Coachella of Fitness Festivals' Is Happening This Weekend

October 12,2017 16:24

From October 13 to 15, San Francisco will play host to Virgin Sport's first-ever Festival of Fitness in the U.S. It's Richard Branson's fourth Virgin-branded wellness festival this year, and the others (Hackney, Westminster, and Oxford) were so ...

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Richard Branson's Virgin Sport festival—the "Coachella of fitness festivals"—arrives stateside this weekend.
From October 13 to 15, San Francisco will play host to Virgin Sport's first-ever Festival of Fitness in the U.S. It's Richard Branson's fourth Virgin-branded wellness festival this year, and the others (Hackney, Westminster, and Oxford) were so successful enough that the festival's Oxford Half Marathon brought out a record number of runners. Outside Magazine dubbed the venture "the Coachella of fitness festivals." This weekend's packed schedule includes the inaugural SF Bay Half Marathon, an uphill Twin Peaks Mile with themed runs (like the Style Mile, which rewards the fanciest costume), and three fitness stages where attendees can participate in ClassPass and Flywheel classes.
A promotion for the San Francisco event this past spring included a moving press conference where Branson answered questions while working out on a spin bike and Virgin Sport CEO Mary Wittenberg ran on a treadmill. Members of the media were provided yoga mats, because of course.

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Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Sport CEO Mary Wittenberg will bring the Virgin Sport Festival to the U.S. this weekend.

Nalgene just launched seven new colors for its iconic wide mouth bottle.
Last week, the iconic water bottle brand released seven new colors of its BPA-free wide mouth bottle in honor of its approaching 50th birthday. The new colors—olive, woodsman, clementine, aubergine, cerulean, pomegranate, and melon ball—were developed with Pantone color specialists and highlight a mix of earthy tones and fruity neons. According to a press release, the "Inspired By Nature" collection marks the first time the brand has used different colors on different parts of the bottle.

Zac and Dylan Efron are Columbia Sportswear's newest gear testers.
After a (hilarious) take-no-prisoners job interview with Columbia's 93-year-old Chairman Gert Boyle, the Efron brothers embarked on a road trip to Montana to hike the Continental Divide Trail in Glacier National Park. Columbia's Tested Tough video series documented their adventure in a 3-minute video that will give you major wanderlust (and possibly other types of lust).
"I grew up in a small town surrounded by wilderness, so for me, the clearest way for me to reconnect with myself, to find myself, is through the wilderness," Zac said in the video. "We both get cooped up in our lives...I have to remind myself to get outside."

Bose's fitness-friendly answer to AirPods is here.
For those of us who listen to music while we work out, it's been tough to find a wireless pair of earbuds that A) stay connected and B) stay put. According to Gizmodo, Bose's SoundSport wireless earbuds—the brand's new answer to AirPods, which are available to pre-order now—check all the right boxes. Like AirPods, the SoundSport earbuds connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth and come with a charging case. Added bonus: they're also water repellant, and come loaded with location trackers in case you lose one.
For $249, we sure hope they live up to they hype.
Ashley Graham delivered a powerful message to her haters.
In a recent Instagram post, model Ashley Graham called out some of the negative comments (mostly focusing on her weight) that she routinely receives when she posts fitness videos—and responded to the haters with a powerful statement about why she trains.
"I work out to stay healthy, feel good, get rid of jet lag, clear my head, show big girls we can move like the rest of 'em, stay flexible and strong, have more energy," she wrote. Read more about Graham's perfect response—and why it's so important—here.

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Jenna Dewan Tatum's daughter interrupted her mom's dance rehearsal to join in on the routine.
For Jenna Dewan Tatum, a dance rehearsal for Janet Jackson's State of the World Hollywood Bowl performance unwittingly turned into a mommy and me moment. In the middle of the rehearsal, the World of Dance host's 4-year-old daughter Everly ran up to her mom and threw her arms around her mom's waist, leaving Dewan Tatum to improvise. It's pretty cute:

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Dewan originally danced backup for Jackson in her 2001-2002 All For You tour. The two shared the stage on Sunday, October 8, for a special reunion performance featuring generations of dancers from various tours.
And finally: A woman expecting a yoga mat was delivered illegal narcotics instead.
Here's one for the books: A South Carolina woman expecting a yoga mat received a shipment of over 20,000 oxycodone pills from Newport Beach, California, The Rock Hill Herald reports. The woman—who asked to remain anonymous—immediately called the police. Dealers will often ship drugs to vacant addresses and schedule pickups, but because the post office had her new address on file, they forwarded the shipment to her. The real question is...did she get her yoga mat? Nothing says "time to meditate" like getting roped into a drug bust.
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