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July 19,2018 08:28

Moms know it's important to feed their kids healthy meals, but a new study has shown that it's not just your kid's diet that impacts his or her weight.and more »

Moms know it's important to feed their kids healthy meals, but a new study has shown that it's not just your kid's diet that impacts his or her weight. 
In fact, it's many of the choices you make that can put them at risk for obesity.
In the study involving 25,000 children, those whose mothers stuck to five factors that make up a healthy lifestyle, had a 75 percent lower risk for obesity. 
Dr. Gregory Johnston of Mercy Health said that what was most interesting about the study was that a mother's diet alone wasn't a huge factor in a child's weight. There's much more to it.
"How do we fight the obesity epidemic? It's going to be a lifestyle change. It's not going to be an individual modification," he said.
The five areas that make up that healthy lifestyle are healthy diet, regular exercise, BMI less than 25, non-smoking and low alcohol consumption.
Toledo mom and grandmother Kimberly Ballou said that her family's health is important to her.
Having struggled with obesity in the past, she's made sure that how she takes care of herself now, is reflected in her kids. 
"It's harder for me to lose weight because I'm menopausal, I'm older, my metabolism has slowed down. So now I'm fighting all these problems, that if they learn these habits now, they're not going to have to fight them like I am now," said Ballou.
Dr. Johnston said that about 20 percent of kids are obese and while this study focuses on mothers, he said that fathers play an important role as well. 
"The more that father was around in that child's life, the obesity rate actually dropped as well," he said.
Dr. Johnston said that it's important to slow down and focus on being healthy, all around.
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