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Senior Scene: Looking Back: Old time values are missing from today's lifestyle

October 20,2017 21:18

Sad to say that today many lifestyles are very different for usually both parents are “bread winners” — working any and all jobs to put food on the table and pay for life's necessities. Sometimes many just seem to fold hands and sit life out ...

So, OK, OK — don’t want to scold or be an old “scrooge” and pour cold water on your endeavors, but, is there something missing in our school programs? Teaching our children about bettering their lives as the years go by?
Take it from this old gal that “work ethics” can and should be addressed at an early age and continue throughout the school years. To go back many years to my younger life, I had the opportunity of experiencing just that.
My parents and also grandparents were hard workers.
My father left home each day to catch the early morning train for New York City. We lived in New Jersey at that time. Forty minutes on the train was usually utilized to catch all the news with The New York Times newspaper.
After the train came the ferry boat ride across the Hudson River to lower Manhattan and then he would walk up to the office building to work.
Evening came, the reverse, and he would always be home at 6:30 p.m. for dinner. That was our family schedule.
Mom and grandmother were at home, always there for us three children, busy keeping house, cooking and taking care of all the rest of life’s necessities. Granddad was also busy, with lots to maintain plus that interesting “Victory Garden” I wrote about several years ago.
Yes, life was certainly different, “back when” and we were involved with all the activity and helping where we could — at least trying. All families need that loving togetherness.
Sad to say that today many lifestyles are very different for usually both parents are “bread winners” — working any and all jobs to put food on the table and pay for life’s necessities. Sometimes many just seem to fold hands and sit life out, collecting all they can, if needed, from the many government programs. No scolding, all this is good, and I say, “If needed: and not misused.” Yes — not misused.
Another “sad to say” — our environment of today, many times, causes a lack of incentive for many individuals. Or could it be a lack of self confidence? 
We three children were schooled in a country-style local stone-built, two-room building.
School buses took us to and from and, each day, there was a warm welcome home with some goodies to eat before the dreaded homework, though there wasn’t too much of that, “back when.”
I remember what my father related to us about his experience when he was very young. He learned a good lesson and taught that to us.
He and his family lived on a farm in northern New Jersey, “the Garden State.” They would walk over to the store to pick up a few things and after arriving home from one such trip, his father learned that my Dad had pocketed a fancy bar of sweet-smelling soap that caught this eye. That, today is called “shoplifting” but back then it was, plain and simple, stealing! 
So, what was done? He had to walk all the way back with the stolen soap, explain to the owner of the store what happened and how sorry he was. Telling the truth and apologizing was so embarrassing that he never forgot the lesson and taught it to his children — us.
This is a good experience to relate for all to read. Our Bible states how our Creator feels about stealing, lying and all the other things he hates listed at Proverbs 6:4 through 19 and how about the Ten Commandments that we children were taught in whatever Sunday School we attended when young?
I guess the today’s lifestyle has changed, and not for the better. There’s work to be done and hopefully you agree.
End of my “soap box” oratory. Sorry if I stepped on any toes, but, as they say, “If the shoe fits” — (you know the rest).
There is good news to end this recitation. Things will change, but first comes justice to be meted out and that will happen. The sooner, the better, as promised by our creator, Jehovah God. He has the strength, understanding and energy all coupled with love for the human race he created. There are so many wonderful things to happen in our near future.
Elaine W. Kniskern is an 85-year-old resident of Schenevus, a grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one. She can reached at elaine-kniskern@stny.rr.com. ‘Senior Scene’ columns can be found at www. thedailystar.com/news/lifestyles.

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