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Nintendo is about to release a miniature version of the original SNES — here's everything we know about it

August 08,2017 19:29

Controllers plugged into the front ports of the original Super Nintendo console, and game cartridges went into the slot on top. The blue sliders controlled power and resetting the console, and the gray lever in the middle ejected games. It now seems ...and more »

That smell of teen spirit and Nickelodeon slime isn't just you — the '90s are cool again. Look no further than the adorably angular Super Nintendo console above for confirmation of that fact.
Nintendo isn't going so far as straight up rereleasing the original SNES console, but it has instead created a new device called the SNES Classic Edition. We're just a few weeks away from the console's release, so we compiled everything we know about it in our Trapper Keeper — then published our findings below.

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In the case of the SNES Classic Edition, it only looks like the original console. Since cartridges don't work, the console has 21 games built in.


The latter half are just as impressive — that this list contains the best "Super Mario" game ever made, as well as the best "Legend of Zelda" game ever made, is outrageous.

11. "Star Fox"12. "Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting"13. "Super Castlevania IV"14. "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts"15. "Super Mario Kart"16. "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars"17. "Super Mario World"18. "Super Metroid"19. "Super Punch-Out!!"20. "Yoshi's Island"

But wait! Aren't there 21 games on this thing? There are! The 21st game is a never-before-released sequel to the original "Star Fox." It's called "Star Fox 2"!

Nintendo says you'll have to play through the first level of the first "Star Fox" game to unlock access to "Star Fox 2." The game was developed to completion for the original Super Nintendo console but was canceled. In a surprise twist, Nintendo's releasing the game all these years later exclusively on the SNES Classic Edition console. 
The existence of this game alone is enough to make the SNES Classic Edition a unique product. Throwing this game inside of a miniaturized SNES alongside 20 fantastic classics is a recipe for outrageous demand.

This isn't Nintendo's first foray into rereleasing old consoles in miniaturized formats. The NES Classic Edition console launched in late 2016 to tremendous fanfare. It was similarly diminutive.

Nintendo is quite fond of advertising these Classic Edition consoles in the palms of hands.Nintendo

Like the NES Classic Edition, one major difference from the original SNES with the SNES Classic Edition is where the controllers plug in. On the SNES Classic, you'll flip down a panel in the front to reveal modern ports for recreations of the original game pads.


Just like the original SNES, the SNES Classic looks slightly different in other parts of the world. In Europe, for instance, it looks like this.

If you grew up in the UK, you most likely prefer the look of this console, as it's what you grew up with. It's also the better-looking version of the original SNES.Nintendo

The game pads are also slightly different in other regions. Whereas the US game pads were just two colors, they were more varied elsewhere. This is reflected in the Classic Edition version of the console in Europe and Japan.

The quad-color layout of the SNES game pad in Europe and Japan was coveted among North American fans. It remains one of the most iconic elements of any Nintendo game console.Nintendo
The game lineup on the SNES Classic Edition is also slightly different depending on the region. Completionists may want to collect each region's version of the console for this reason alone. 

OF NOTE: All versions of the SNES Classic Edition are limited. The console goes on sale on September 29, and it is expected to end production at the conclusion of 2017. This is a collector's item right at launch.

The NES Classic Edition was sold out for months — and then was discontinued.
With the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo is trying to get out ahead of these concerns. A representative provided Business Insider with the following statement back in June:
"We aren’t providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition."
That said, preorders for the console are almost certainly going to be your best bet. They haven't gone live yet, but Nintendo says they will by the end of this month. Preorders are likely to go live on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and other places you'd expect.

The SNES Classic Edition has a launch date of September 29 at a cost of $80. It comes with two game pads and 21 built-in games. Unfortunately, it's scheduled to be available only until the end of the year.

Get psyched!Nintendo

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