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Naked truth: Models sport pithy slogans painted on bare bods

June 10,2017 13:17

Naked truth: Models sport pithy slogans painted on bare bods · Associated Press Friday, June 09, 2017. Credit: The Associated Press. A bodypainted model encourages people to embrace love and life at the Body Notes event in Times Square on Friday, June ...and more »

NEW YORK — Dozens of people have gathered in Times Square to tell the naked truth — or tell the truth naked.
Brooke Champlain stood nude in one of New York's busiest areas Friday with the slogan "We're All Just Stardust" painted around her bellybutton during Body Notes, an event organizers say was designed to uplift people.
The nude models were painted in view of gawking tourists and heavily armed police. Brushed onto their bare torsos were pithy slogans, including, "Embrace Love And Life" and "Born Naked."
Body Notes is the brainchild of Andy Golub (GAH'-lub), producer of NYC Bodypainting Day. He says it lets people express themselves through "their words and their bodies."
He was inspired by the "Subway Therapy" art project of sticky notes containing people's thoughts after the presidential election.

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