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Museum of Modern Art Exhibits Brazilian Cinema of Invention Films ...

May 06,2017 03:27

Free event in Rio offers film exhibitions, courses, book releases and debates until tomorrow (May 6th).and more »

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By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The theater at Rio’s Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in Centro, is presenting the “Mostra + Curso Cinema de Invenção” (Cinema of Invention Film Exhibit and Course) until next Saturday, May 6th. The free event started last Tuesday (May 2nd), with two film exhibitions per day.
“Mostra + Curso Cinema de Invenção” will exhibit two films every day, art by RISCO Cinema.The release of the new edition of “Cinema de Invenção”, a book written by Brazilian film critic Jairo Ferreira, was the inspiration for the event, which will present films commented in Ferreira’s book.
Besides the exhibitions, the event also includes a course on Cinema of Invention with filmmakers, film critics and academics, such as Guiomar Ramos, Andre Parente, Hernani Heffner, Remier Lion and Renato Coelho.
On the last day of the event (Saturday, May 6th), a debate with filmmakers Geraldo Veloso, Luiz Rosemberg Filho, Neville d’Almeida, Paulo Sacramento and Renato Coelho, at 6PM, will be followed by the release of Ferreira’s “Cinema de Invenção”, Geraldo Veloso’s autobiography and Renato Coelho’s study on Brazil Experimental Cinema.
Brazilian Cinema de Invenção refers to the subversive film production from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. Also known as “marginal” or “údigrudi”, Cinema de Invenção was responsible for breaking paradigms with disruptive aesthetics, discourse and narratives.
Being produced under the repressive context of Military Dictatorship (1964-1985), the marginal movement films could only be exhibited in very strict circles. Rogério Sganzerla’s “O Bandido da Luz Vermelha” (1968) is one of Cinema de Invenção’s most emblematic works.
“Mostra + Curso Cinema de Invenção” was conceived by Rio’s Museum of Modern Art Cinematheque in partnership with filmmaker Paulo Sacramento, and with curatorship of Risco Cinema cineclub.
What: Mostra + Curso Cinema de InvençãoWhen: Tuesday May 2nd – Saturday May 6thWhere: Museu de Arte Moderna. Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 – Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ.Entrance: FREE
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