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Montclair Film Festival winds down with Cinema 505 party

May 11,2017 20:25

At the end-of-festival filmmakers' party at Cinema 505, it was a packed house: “cheek by jowl,” as Executive Director Bob Feinberg termed it on Tuesday, with filmmakers, donors and patrons mingling in high spirits. The May 6 Filmmakers' Party was held ...and more »

By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.news There was a theme at the Jury Award

Montclair Center BID presents the Glenridge Avenue Arts & Music Festival this

From Saturday, May 13 to Saturday, May 20, inspired by the “Matisse

‘The Museum of Goodbye’ May 19-June 23 The Creativity Caravan 28 South

‘ Help My Yelp’ Season one, episode six: “Italian Intervention” Host Monti

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