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Michigan State wide receiver commit Cody White loves being a 4-sport athlete

July 14,2016 02:09

As he prepares for his senior year, White sees no reason to stop doing any of his four sports despite being committed to play football in college. In fact, White says being a four-sport athlete came up a lot on the recruiting trial and coaches seemed ...

Editor’s note: MLive reporters are spending the summer catching up with key football recruits in Michigan, and we'll have daily stories on them all summer long. See all of the MLive recruiting news.
WALLED LAKE, MI -- Although multi-sport athletes are still rather common among high schoolers, Cody White is unique among his multi-sport peers.
He is not a two-sport athlete. He's not a three sport athlete.
He is a four-sport athlete.
At Walled Lake Western High School, White can be seen in action during every season of the school year as he enjoys playing football, basketball, baseball and track and field. It is safe to say that White likes to keep himself busy.
"I just like being active, being an athlete throughout the year," White said.
Getting to know Michigan State wide receiver commit Cody White of Walled Lake Western. (Jared Purcell | japurcell@mlive.com)
In the spring, he is particularly active, as he frequently goes between being the track team's top high jumper to being an outfielder and pitcher for the baseball team. This last spring, he cleared 6-feet in the high jump.
"When we don't have a baseball game, my baseball coach let's me go out to the track meets so that's a good thing," White said, who also does long jump and the 4x100 relay during track.
As he prepares for his senior year, White sees no reason to stop doing any of his four sports despite being committed to play football in college. In fact, White says being a four-sport athlete came up a lot on the recruiting trial and coaches seemed to be enamored with the fact that White is constantly competing in a variety of ways.
"A lot of coaches like looking at multi-sport athletes these days because it just gets them going for all things in their body, keeping them active and moving." White said.
However, as excited as White is to be committed to the school he grew up watching, he will also a bit sad to say goodbye to a few sports he grew up playing. Basketball has "always been up there" with football, according to White and adjusting to a life of one sport may be more difficult than a life of balancing four.
"I'm going to miss all three of them," White said. "I'm going to have to get used to it. It's going to take a while."
Despite all of the attention White has given to sports in high school, he has never let his school work take a back seat, sporting a 3.57 GPA. His current plan is to go into business at Michigan State and focus on getting a degree in finance and marketing.
Just where does White's enthusiasm and success as a student-athlete come from?
"I've got to dedicate that one to my parents, growing me up and making me into the person that I am today." White said.
Considering Cody White became a three-star prospect and the No. 13 recruit in the state's talented 2017 class according to 247Sports, focusing on football in college is not such a bad idea. Standing 6-feet-3 and 200 pounds, White had 927 receiving yards last year, with an average of 18.91 yards per catch to go along with his 8 touchdowns.
Besides, if White had to pick one of his four sports to continue in college, it would be football. Ever since he started playing flag football at the age of six, he was hooked.
"I always want a football in my hand," White said. "I've always got to have a football. Football ... it's just one of the sports that I love to play."
Although narrowing his multi-sport life to just football in college might be an adjustment, playing for Michigan State is more than enough worth the sacrifice for White.
"Throughout the recruiting process, they treated it like it was home for me," White said of Michigan State. "It was the place I wanted to be at since I was probably like six years old. I've been a state fan, went with my grandparents up to games since I was like six years old. It's always been a place I wanted to go so, that's why I picked it."
White had always thought he was a talented football player. Yet, when colleges began to offer him, it is really when he began to believe. Then, White began to get more and more attention from opposing defenses as he progressed, further validating that his efforts toward greatness were paying off.
Besides, White does not mind getting the extra attention from his opponents.
"I look at it as an opportunity to go up against more than one guy every game," White said. "I feel like it's a good opportunity for me."
As he looks to find more success in all of his sports this coming school year, White is especially excited for Michigan State's recruiting class while he is also hoping to help convince four-star wide receiver K.J. Hamler to commit to the Spartans as well. Of course, White cannot wait to show Michigan State and its fans what he is made of once he finally arrives in East Lansing.
"Just be ready," White said as a message to Spartans fans. "It's coming. We're working 100 percent."

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