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Maduro to seek re-election as Venezuela eyes vote by April

January 24,2018 00:28

"Don't abandon Venezuela's democracy." Maduro was accompanied at the rally by Diosdado Cabello, the No. 2 leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. It was Cabello, seen as Maduro's biggest internal rival, who earlier Tuesday proposed holding ...

CARACAS—Venezuela will hold presidential elections before the end of April, the government said Tuesday, as President Nicolás Maduro looks to consolidate power amid a punishing economic crisis and escalating international sanctions against his administration.
Despite worsening food shortages that have the oil-rich country teetering on a humanitarian crisis, Mr. Maduro’s ruling Socialist Party is rushing to hold the vote as soon as possible to take advantage of disarray in the ranks of the political opposition, which has struggled...

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