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Lifestyle: 1980s fashions are back

May 18,2017 14:25

Neon colors, padded shoulders, and peg-top pants: 1980s fashions were over the top -- and now, they're back. We look at how to update your 80s look for the new millenium. Watch video 03:32. Share. 1980s fashions are back. Send Facebook Twitter ...

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European landmark: Edinburgh Castle 18.05.2017
Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline of the Scottish capital -- and it's one of the country's most popular tourist attraction. "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling is said to have used the castle as a model for Hogwarts.

The Sound of Europe: Malta 18.05.2017
For the eighth time ‘The Sound of Europe’ features musicians from one EU member state. This time a number of artists from Malta performed at Germany's Ministry of Finance. 

Roller Derby: the Hamburg Harbor Girls   18.05.2017
Roller Derby is a full-contact sport -- sort of like rugby on roller-skates. The Hamburg Harbor Girls are one of Germany's best roller-derby clubs. Bumps and bruises can’t hold them back.

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