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LETTER: Healthy lifestyle for healthy kidneys

March 11,2017 08:46

If you are obese, your risk of getting kidney disease is 83 per cent higher than someone with a healthy weight. Obesity can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure, which in the long run can cause kidney disease, among other health issues. The good ...and more »


Editorial: Refugee requirements

Just this week, 19 asylum seekers crossed the border from the United States into Canada during a Prairie blizzard and -28 C windchill.

Russell Wangersky: A quiet word

Hello. How are you today? Work getting you down? How’s that coffee?

Editorial: Rising waters

For some Cape Bretoners, it might at first seem like a dream come true — to others, a nightmare: to be a separate island again, free from the causeway to the mainland.

Russell Wangersky: If you knew then what you know now

It’s one of those things you already know, or else may have difficulty taking in. I think it’s also something that a lot of people my age are right in the middle of discovering: that, after your parents are gone, you’ll suddenly realize that there is something, that there are many things you want to share with them, and that you will never be able to have a chance to do it.


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