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KSCA elections postponed

July 23,2016 11:25

The KSCA had written to the panel to allow it to hold elections as it was willing to implement the committee's recommendations, approved by the apex court, from the next month's elections. However, after more clarity emerged on the eligibility of ...

Brijesh Patel, who is in his 15th year as the secretary of the association, will not be able to seek a re-election. © Wisden India
Having put on a brave front for the last couple of days, the Karnataka State Cricket Association embraced the inevitable and officially decided on Friday (July 22) to postpone their Annual General Body Meeting and the elections to the association scheduled to have been held on August 7.
Following an emergent meeting of the managing committee on Friday afternoon, the association had resolved to postpone the AGM and the elections to the managing committee, Vinay Mruthyunjaya, the official KSCA spokesperson, said. “The decision is in deference to the directions of the Secretary – Supreme Court Committee constituted for the Implementation of The Lodha Committee Recommendations,” he added.
It may be recalled that on Wednesday, the KSCA had been directed by Gopal Sankaranarayanan, the secretary of the Supreme Court committee, to desist from going ahead with the elections. At that time, the KSCA had been confident that since their electoral process had started before the Supreme Court verdict on July 18, they could go ahead with the exercise, but a letter from the committee to the Board of Control for Cricket in India categorically addressed the issue, leading to Friday’s emergent meeting.
The committee had clarified that the nine-year disqualification period for office-bearers was from retrospective effect, and included the tenures as office-bearers prior to the July 18 verdict, essentially bringing the curtain down on several top office-bearers including Brijesh Patel, who is in his 15th year as the secretary of the association. Like Patel, R Sudhakar Rao, the current vice-president and also a former India batsman, will also be among others ineligible to seek election to any post again.
“We had an emergent managing committee meeting and have unanimously decided to postpone the elections as per the directions of the Supreme Court,” Patel said on Friday evening. “They will tell us about the constitution of the committee as per the Lodha recommendations. Let’s see what they come out with because it is very early stages.”
Until a new committee is formed along the lines of the Supreme Court directive, the current committee will remain in place, Patel added. “In fact, the last elections (in 2013) were in December and we had time till December (to hold elections). We want to streamline and we decided to have it before September, as per our bylaws.
“Let them come out with… if there will be a president, 3 vice-presidents, or one vice-president or will there be an apex council, there is no clarity on that. What we are doing with the BCCI, will they replicate the same thing (for state associations)? That clarity is required.”
Mruthyunjaya all but acknowledged that the emergent meeting decision was forced on the KSCA. “They specifically directed the BCCI and state associations to stop all electoral processes until further direction. Since the election is part of the AGM, the committee decided to postpone the AGM itself for the time being.”
However, he was less forthcoming about the fallout of back-dated nine-year tenures. “We have nothing to say, let us wait,” he remarked. “There are so many clarifications. Since there is no general body, there’s no reaction to give. Let all clarifications come. We have decided to form a committee to look into the implementation of the Lodha committee recommendations.”
With that in mind, the KSCA is keen to request Santosh Hegde, the retired Supreme Court judge, to head a legal team to advice in amending the bylaws of the association to ensure the effective implementation of all the recommendations of the Lodha Committee.
“The secretary (Patel) has suggested the name of Santosh Hegde (also a former Lokayukta). We need to meet him and try to request him if he can guide us in the implementation of these Lodha committee recommendations. Right now, we have been asked not to go ahead with the election and that’s why we have postponed it. We have to wait for further directions.”
Asked if the verdict and its aftermath had come as a shock, Mruthyunjaya replied, “Our idea was to implement the Lodha committee recommendations in the conduct of the elections itself. That’s why I said I was confident they might not stop the process. But still he has very clearly now directed the BCCI and all state associations. Their intention might be that they want to ensure implementation before going ahead and we respect it.”

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