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Gorse fire in Ireland uncovers incredible World War II landmark

August 06,2018 18:14

Fires on Bray Head expose amazing World War 2 landmarks. The fires exposed the old Eire 8 sign,which is in reasonable condition. Photos courtesy of the Garda Air Support Unit, which is a mixed unit operated by Air Corps Pilots and Garda specialists.

By Rachel Thompson2018-08-06 09:33:29 UTC
A Second World War-era sign has been rediscovered after a gorse fire ravaged a hillside on the east coast of Ireland. 
The Irish Air Corps and Garda Air Support Unit spotted that a fire had exposed an old "Éire 8 sign" — a landmark dating back to World War — on Bray Head, in County Wicklow. 
During the war, the word Éire — which means Ireland in the Irish language — was carved into 80 headlands around Ireland to warn allied and German bombers that they were flying over a neutral territory. 
Let's get a closer look at those photos: 

Image: Irish air corps

Image: irish air corps

The Garda Air Support Unit said they'd never seen the sign at this location before. 

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