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Gander Mountain, popular gun and hunting store, going out of business

May 07,2017 14:10

Gander Mountain, a popular gun and hunting store, announced it is going out of business and liquidating all of its stores nationwide. The company filed for bankruptcy in March, and announced at the time it would close 32 under-performing stores ...

May 06, 2017 03:00 AM
Shoppers lined up looking for deals Friday at the Gander Mountain hunting and fishing store in Henrietta as the store held its “going out of business” sale.
“We got some lifejackets, fishing supplies, and stuff, so, we made out well," said Matthew Pitcher of Pittsford who joined his father in a shopping excursion.
Signs at the store and out on Jefferson Road advertised a going out of business sale, although some customers reported getting mixed messages about whether the store was indeed shutting down.
Laura Miles of Rochester recalled speaking with an employee as she bought fishing gear “and he said ‘we might not be going out of business.’ And I was like ‘okay.’ So I am not sure."
“They won’t give you the straight answer, exactly,” said Brett Quinlan of Cornell.
Gander Mountain was going through the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well as acquisition by Camping World. When News10NBC contacted the Henrietta store, we were told the store was reducing inventory. Ordinarily, under New York state law, a business cannot conduct a “going out of business” sale unless it’s actually going out of business.
“I would question whether or not the individual store was going out of business or not,” said bankruptcy lawyer Mikel Krueger. “If the determination has been made that that store will be closing, then I think that that would be fine. If a determination hasn't yet been made, then it might be premature.”
The office of the state Attorney General said that it is investigating Gander Mountain but would not comment further, except to point out that state laws don’t apply to a sale being conducted by a business under the supervision of bankruptcy court.
A manager at the store told News10NBC that the new owners have not spelled out which stores would be closed and which would remain open. A statement by Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis said the company would “select only those stores which are profitable or we believe have a clear path to profitability."

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