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Games Inbox: Best video game graphics, Tomb Raider future, and Destiny 3 speculation

September 19,2018 04:20

I'm just wondering what is the benchmark these days for the best graphics on a game? I still didn't get around to watching the gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2077 yet but for years it was Crysis, but I can't imagine it's still that today – not with 4K ...

Been working through the new God Of War game and thought I would share some feelings. First off, this game is tough. I’m playing on normal and still die to two or three hits from basic enemies. I am persevering though and was able to defeat Ornstein and Smough, oops, wrong game but anyone that has played Dark Souls and God Of War will know what I mean.
I’ve been noticing the ‘borrowing’ from other games as I have progressed. I was in a fight last night that very closely resembled a titan fight from the Arkham games but if you are stealing things from games, at least steal from the best.
The game feels like a road movie in tone. The two protagonists start off hating each other but as they progress on their journey they learn about each other and grow closer and meet up with all sorts of whacky characters along the way. I’m the first to admit I was a bit put off by the new look and controls but, even though it is fairly difficult, I am loving the story and Kratos is finally more than a grumpy loner.
He is now a grumpy father, although if anyone played Ascension (no, just me?) they will know that he was actually grieved at having to kill one of the characters he considered a friend, thus beginning an evolutionary change of character.Bobwallett

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