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France vs. Uruguay: World Cup 2018 Live

July 06,2018 15:08

He scored the 5th most goals in La Liga this season, behind guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He made a number of substitute appearances for Uruguay at the last World Cup, and has been a regular on the national team for the last six years.

59’: Uruguay Stronger Now
Uruguay gets some possession and zips the ball around the box a bit. But the move is foiled by a woeful shot by Caceres, miles in the sky.
56’: Uruguay Strikes Back
Bentancur, whose foul set up the free kick that gave France its lead, appears to try to make amends with a long range shot, Too high.
Kevin Draper: Uruguay seems to be playing faster this half, leading to attacking opportunities, but also to fouls and bigger gaps in the midfield.
53’: Pavard Goes High
France is bossing the game a bit now. A corner is cleared, but Pavard drills a shot from distance on the rebound. Over the bar.
51’: Dangerous Free Kick for France
Kylian Mbappe sends a free kick into a tangle of French and Uruguayan bodies, but the first contact is with keeper Muslera’s fist.
Kevin Draper: For a team with such an intelligent defense, Uruguay gives away a number of free kicks in dangerous areas, which seems especially stupid considering that’s how France got the only goal in this game.
48’: Danger for Uruguay
Uruguay almost blunders into giving away a goal. Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera was way too casual on the ball, and Griezmann came close to blocking his rushed clearance into the goal.
47’: Free Kick for France
First free kick of the half to Antoine Griezmann: he loops it over his attackers and straight to the keeper.
46’: Here We Go
Uruguay immediately tries to push forward but France’s midfield takes it away and push forward.
Who Is Cristhian Stuani?
From Gonzalo Higuain to Luis Suarez to Edinson Cavani, modern Uruguay has always had world class strikers. But with Cavani is out, it’s time to get to know his replacement, Cristhian Stuani.
Stuani is a bit of a journeyman, bouncing around Italy, Spain and England before finding a home at Girona. He scored the 5th most goals in La Liga this season, behind guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He made a number of substitute appearances for Uruguay at the last World Cup, and has been a regular on the national team for the last six years.
The Numbers
The halftime stats offer some hope for Uruguay. France has played the deliberate short-passing game, completing 209 passes to Uruguay’s 114. But Uruguay’s more direct style has kept it on par in shots: it has 7 to France’s 6. Moreover, Uruguay has four shots on target; France has just one, its goal.
Halftime: France 1, Uruguay 0
Kevin Draper: Despite being down a goal, that was a pretty good first half performance for Uruguay. They completely neutralized Kylian Mbappé, and snuffed out practically every dangerous-looking French attack, while getting a number of shots on goal at the other end of the field.
45’: Great Save by Lloris!
Save of the game! Torreira takes a free kick and Caceres is there for a close-in header. But Lloris dives right and makes a one-hander. The ball dribbles loose and Godin arrives, but can’t bundle it in. Great chance for Uruguay.
42’: Uruguay Pushing Now
Uruguay pushes forward in response and Nandez fires a sudden shot from 35 yards that is right on target. But Lloris is up to it and makes the save.
France’s Raphael Varane scored in the first half. Credit Damir Sagolj/Reuters39’: GOAL! France Leads 1-0
France 1-0. Griezmann takes the free kick off that foul, lofts it in, and Varane rockets it in with his head.
Kevin Draper: That French goal was just what this game needed to liven up a bit. Uruguay hoped it could win 1-0 with an impenetrable defense and a moment of Luis Suarez magic, but now it’ll have to chase the game.
39’: Yellow for Betancur
Bentancur picks up a yellow for taking down Tolisso from behind. Tolisso executed a nice double roll on that foul. Dangerous free kick for France!
35’: Vecino Blocked by Lloris
Uruguay gets a good chance out of nothing, as the last in a succession of 50-50 balls bounces to Matías Vecino in the box, and he gets off a half-volley that ultimately doesn’t trouble Hugo Lloris enough.
35’: France on the Breakout
Samuel Umtiti passes forward, and Mbappe nabs the ball at the corner. He has a little space for once and shoots a ball past the outstretched hand of Mulera. It rolls across the length of the box slowly, without a lot of defenders around. But absolutely no French players are in sight.
34’: Yellow for Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez of France blatantly grabs the jersey of Nandez to slow him down. Nothing subtle about that. A clear yellow card.
France’s Kylian Mbappe and Uruguay’s Matias Vecino. Credit Jason Cairnduff/Reuters31’: Mbappe Misses a Chance
Pavard, who has been active, sends in a nice cross with three Frenchmen in the box, Giroud, Mbappe and Tolisso. But it kind of rolls over Mbappe’s feet and skitters out of play. That could have been a good chance.
27’: Uruguay Hassling Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe and Diego Laxalt get tangled at the sidelines. They don’t seem happy with each other This game has been physical, with a number of stoppages for injured players.
Kevin Draper: Uruguay’s early brightness has dulled, and the match is becoming the French-controlled affair we expected. France has 63 percent of the possession and twice as many completed passes, as they are probing for openings while Uruguay makes riskier, longer and more direct passes when they get the ball.
26’: Another Corner for France
Kylian Mbappe slides into a dangerous area, but Uruguay clears it for a corner. Again, Griezmann takes it, but this time goes short.
Rough Start
We are 24 minutes in, and there have already been 11 fouls committed, six of them by Uruguay. No yellow cards yet, but with the rate players are slamming into each other a half second late, they’ve got to be coming.
23’: Pavard Pushing
Benjamin Pavard pushes forward and forces a corner for France. Griezmann sends it in, but it’s cleared readily.
19’: Pogba Sends One Sailing
France puts together some good passing in the Uruguay half, but when Paul Pogba gets the ball he launches a shot from 35 yards that sails far over.
Kevin Draper: Uruguay’s defense took seriously how badly Kylian Mbappé pillaged Argentina’s defense in the last game, or perhaps Uruguay’s defense is just better (probably both). Either way, they haven’t allowed him to get behind them or make any marauding runs. France’s attack has mostly been crosses into the box.
15’: France Counters
On the other end, Olivier Giroud heads a ball across the goal to Kylian Mbappé, but he can only loop his header over goal. It probably didn’t have enough power to trouble Fernando Muslera anyway.
15’: Uruguay Threatens on Corner
Lucas Torreira takes a corner for Uruguay, and Gimenez gets off a decent header, perhaps lacking pace. Hugo Lloris dives and punches it away.
11’: Free Kick for France
After some rolling around by France, Antoine Griezmann gets a free kick lofts one in; Varane gets a head on it but it goes wide.
8’: Giroud Up Front
France gets the ball in to Giroud in front of goal, but he gets only the barest of toes on it. Giroud is playing all by himself up front in the dead center.
France’s Benjamin Pavard duels for the ball with Uruguay’s Cristhian Stuani. Credit Ricardo Mazalan/Associated Press6’: Uruguay Advances
Uruguay advances, and Stuani shoots a cross right past goal, but there’s no one there! Agonizing for Uruguay, which may have to fight for chances in this game.
Kevin Draper: Uruguay is a stout defensive team and missing one of their strikers, and so the conventional wisdom says they would bunker down and turn this game into a slog. But they have already gotten in behind France’s defense twice, and their attack isn’t as Luis Suarez-focused as you might expect.
4’: Chance for Uruguay
Four minutes in, the first good chance of the match goes to Uruguay, after France flubs a ball in the midfield.
Giroud Down
As Olivier Giroud writhes on the ground, a reminder: If you think Neymar is the only player who oversells his flops, keep a close eye on Luis Suarez today.
Uruguay in sky blue, France in white. Edinson Cavani is on the bench, but he could be used as a sub for Uruguay.
Those Anthems
It’s the World Cup of soccer, but in a way it’s also the World Cup of national anthems, as the patriotic tunes get a workout before every game. You all have your favorites, but I vote for 1. France, Les Marseilles. To the barricades! 2. Germany, written by an actual good composer, Haydn. 3. Uruguay. So jaunty! 4. Russia, Stirring. Missing in action, sadly: Canada. — Victor Mather
Cavani’s Absence
We’ll have to see how it goes in the first half hour or so, but the absence of Cavani may be a bigger deal than we think. He and Suarez have formed a really well-connected partnership here, and breaking that up right before Uruguay’s biggest game yet is a potentially destabilizing moment. Both teams have solid center-back pairings, but if Cavani’s absence allows N’Golo Kante to focus his attentions exclusively on what Suarez is up to, that’s a big advantage for Les Bleus.
The Kylian Mbappé Show
Depending on how far France goes, Kylian Mbappe, just 19 years old, is staking a claim as the tournament’s best player. He has three goals and is standing out amongst France’s potent attacking lineup, which includes Antoine Griezmann (two goals), Paul Pogba, Olivier Giroud and Blaise Matuidi (suspended for this game). In the knockout victory over Argentina, Mbappe became the youngest player to score two goals in a World Cup game since, well, some guy named Pele.
France vs. Uruguay: The History
The last five matches between these teams have seen more red cards (two) than goals (one). That includes 0-0 draws in the group stages of both the 2002 and 2010 World Cups, with Thierry Henry earning a red card in the first and Nicholás Lodeiro in the second.
France’s Starting Lineup
Goalkeeper: 1 Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)
Defenders: 21 Lucas Hernandez (Atletico Madrid), 2 Benjamin Pavard (Stuttgart), 5 Samuel Umtiti (Barcelona), 4 Raphael Varane (Real Madrid)
Midfielders: 13 N’Golo Kante (Chelsea), 6 Paul Pogba (Manchester United), 12 Corentin Tolisso (Bayern Munich)
Forwards: 9 Olivier Giroud (Chelsea), 7 Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), 10 Kylian Mbappe (Paris St Germain)
Bad News for Uruguay: Edinson Cavani Out
The lineup news is here, and it’s not good for Uruguay: Edinson Cavani is not named in the starting lineup. That puts a ton of pressure of Luis Suarez to score. Cristhian Stuani will also play up front for Uruguay.
Here’s Uruguay’s starting lineup:
Goalkeeper: 1 Fernando Muslera (Galatasaray)
Defenders: 3 Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid), 2 Jose Maria Gimenez (Atletico Madrid), 22 Martin Caceres (Lazio)
Midfielders: 8 Nahitan Nandez (Boca Juniors), 14 Lucas Torreira (Sampdoria), 15 Matias Vecino (Inter Milan), 6 Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus), 17 Diego Laxalt (Genoa)
Forwards: 11 Cristhian Stuani (Girona), 9 Luis Suarez (Barcelona)
Uruguay’s Golden Generation
This is probably the last tournament of the Uruguyan golden generation that were 2010 World Cup semifinals, champions of South America in 2011 and have made the quarterfinals here. Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Diego Godin, Fernando Muslera, Maxi Pereira and Martín Cáceres are all on the wrong side of 30.
Uruguay Strong on Defense
Uruguay’s one goal surrendered ties it with Brazil as the best defensive team at the Cup. Uruguay has the fewest yellow cards in the tournament, one, tied with eliminated Saudi Arabia.
France’s Unsung Hero

Interactive Feature
Messi’s gone. Ronaldo’s gone. Germany’s long gone. But Spot the Ball has survived the World Cup knockout round! To celebrate, we’ve pulled some photos from the round of 16 and made one very important change — we removed the ball. See if you can guess where it was.

OPEN Interactive Feature

For an unlilkely star, look to defender Benjamin Pavard, a surprise call-up to the team and a surprise goal scorer against Argentina. Amazingly, it was the first goal of his career with his foot. “I’ve scored two goals with my head, but, I mean, I never score goals,” he said. It has been heavily speculated that Bayern Munich will sign Pavard next summer.

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