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Far from hurting the rural economy, technology boosts life in the country

July 16,2016 19:11

It is a turning point driven by the long-awaited access to digital technology and the economic and societal benefits it delivers. There are signs that the digital economy is driving growth in the broader rural economy, and that technology may help ...

Lastly, there is the question of quality of life. Living the dream of a rural lifestyle is not always easy.  While no one would dispute that the countryside is filled with natural beauty, many would question if it offers the same shopping and entertainment of the city. For people who live in remote rural areas, shopping for the family can be quite time-consuming. But with connectivity, online shopping and digital entertainment services can make life much more manageable – not to mention enjoyable. 
The internet lets people living in rural areas have the best of both worlds: the rural lifestyle with lower costs, less stressful commutes and beautiful scenery; combined with the benefits of the best fashion from city high streets, popular films downloaded at the click of a mouse and low-cost everyday essentials delivered to their door.
And so while it’s very much “day one” of the digital revolution for parts of rural Britain, I believe with internet access reaching deeper into rural Britain that change is afoot.
Ultimately, as digital infrastructure and online services become readily available, there is huge opportunity for rural businesses to thrive and rural dwellers to enjoy the best of the city in the middle of the countryside.
Doug Gurr is the UK’s Country Manager for Amazon

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