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England v Pakistan: Hosts facing tough run chase at Lord's

July 16,2016 22:16

England face a difficult run chase against Pakistan after the tourists ended the third day of the first Test with a lead of 281. The previous highest chase by England at Lord's is 282-3 against New Zealand in 2004, meaning Alastair Cook's men are ...

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Pakistan do a mass salute after winning the first test. Photograph: Andrew Fosker/BPI/REX/Shutterstock

A cracking day of cricket and a cracking Test match come to an end. Pakistan were good value for their win and England have a bit of work to do before the second Test at Old Trafford.

Before the players leave the pitch Younus Khan organises a co-ordinated press-up celebration. Good stuff.

Younis Khan leads the Pakistan team as they perform press ups to celebrate winning the test match. Photograph: Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images

WICKET! Ball b Amir 3 (England 207 all out)

Amir crashes through Ball’s defences and this is all over. Pakistan win the first Test by 75 runs.

Ball bowled by Amir. Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Reuters

75th over: England 205-9 (Ball 1, Finn 4) 78 more needed to win though that’s probably irrelevant now, eh? Ball takes a single and Finn survives the last.

WICKET! Woakes c Younus b Yasir 23 (England 204-9)

Woakes cuts Yasir to midwicket but Woakes opts not to run and bring Finn into Yasir’s sights. But it matters not – Yasir flights one up there, Woakes looks to drive but can only edge to Younus Khan at slip. That gives Yasir Shah his 10th wicket of the match and takes Pakistan to the cusp of victory.

Yasir celebrates with Azhar after dismissing Woakes. Photograph: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

74th over: England 204-8 (Woakes 23, Finn 4) 79 more needed to win Finn survives a couple of deliveries from over the wicket, so Amir switches to round. He strays too straight from that angle, though, allowing Finn to clip him off his pads for four to backward square leg. Experiment over, he’s back over the wicket. The final ball of the over finds the edge but drops maybe a foot short of the keeper.

73rd over: England 200-8 (Woakes 23, Finn 0) 83 more needed to win Woakes brings up his century (of balls faced) against Yasir. Block, block, block, block. If he was an MMA fighter he’d be Block Lesnar. If he was a Portuguese lager he’d be Super Block. If he was a vegetable he’d be Block Choi. From the last, though, he’s able to cut through backward point for four to bring up the England 200. Finn will be in the firing line at the start of the next over, however.

72nd over: England 196-8 (Woakes 19, Finn 0) 87 more needed to win If Steven Finn has any nerves, he’s hiding them well. He strides to the middle with a big smile on his face. Mohammad Amir wipes that out with his first ball, swinging the ball into his pads. Up goes the finger. Up goes the review sign from Finn. And replays show a faint inside edge. And it pitched outside leg too. So the smile is back.
Briefly. Amir beats him all ends up with the next. But Finn survives the rest. A wicket maiden. And things are looking very, very bleak for England now.

WICKET! Broad b Amir 1 (England 196-8)

Whump. A full swinging yorker from Amir – 2016 vintage Stuart Broad has no chance. Stumps and bails everywhere.

Amir celebrates taking Broad. Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Reuters

71st over: England 196-7 (Woakes 19, Broad 1) 87 more needed to win It really wasn’t a great ball from Yasir and it came at a point when Pakistan were just beginning to question their luck. Perhaps there was a bit of tiredness in the shot from Bairstow, both physical and mental. It’s a huge blow to England and a huge boost for Pakistan. Broad strides out and scampers a single to get off the mark.

WICKET! Bairstow b Yasir 48 (England 195-7)

What a way to go. Bairstow has been brilliant – watchful, smart, fully-fledged as a Test player – but he’s just missed a straight one from Yasir. It was short, he looked to turn it into the leg side off the back foot and he’s played all around it.

Bairstow, bowled by Yasir. Photograph: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

70th over: England 195-6 (Woakes 19, Bairstow 48) 88 more needed to win The run rate isn’t going to increase much at this point so it looks to me that England will need to go into a fifth day to win this. Though as I type that, Amir strays to Woakes’s pads and gives away four leg byes. Woakes follows that up with a wild waft at another wide delivery.

69th over: England 191-6 (Woakes 19, Bairstow 48) Yasir again. Bairstow plays out four dots then watches one rip past his outside edge. Another maiden.

68th over: England 191-6 (Woakes 19, Bairstow 48) Another quickfire single adds one to Woakes’ and England’s tallies. And there’s a bye from the next that brings up the 50 partnership from 171 balls. That gets a big round of applause from the Lord’s crowd but every run is being cheered now – the sense of something special happening is growing. Woakes drives firmly for another couple.

67th over: England 187-6 (Woakes 16, Bairstow 48) The reprieved Woakes pushes for a single from the last.

REVIEW! Woakes lbw b Yasir 15

Now then. Have Pakistan got their man? Woakes props forward to Yasir and is thwocked on the pad. Cue a huge appeal and wild celebrations as the finger goes up. Woakes reviews immediately and the replays show a thick inside edge. Not out.

66th over: England 186-6 (Woakes 15, Bairstow 48) Mohammad Amir returns to the attack after Wahab’s superb but wicketless spell. The batsmen add a couple of singles.

65th over: England 184-6 (Woakes 14, Bairstow 47) Woakes pushes Yasir through the covers for a single. And Bairstow does likewise to bring the runs-required column into double digits – 99 more needed – which in turn brings a loud and lengthy roar from the Lord’s crowd.

64th over: England 182-6 (Woakes 13, Bairstow 46) Woakes does finally get bat on ball as Wahab steams in once more, but it brings him only a single to deep cover. Bairstow dabs to midwicket for a couple off the last.

63rd over: England 179-6 (Woakes 12, Bairstow 44) Yasir makes a mess of a delivery, dragging it down in ugly fashion and allowing Bairstow to cart the ball over the head of short leg and away for four.

Bairstow pulls a ball to the boundary. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images

62nd over: England 174-6 (Woakes 11, Bairstow 40) Another play-and-miss from Bairstow as Wahab continues this brilliant spell. He’s finding just enough wobble away from the bat – a tiny bit too much if truth be told. From the fifth delivery another play-and-miss, Woakes this time.
This partnership is 35 from 139 balls – it’s been tough going but they are still there, which is all that really matters.

61st over: England 172-6 (Woakes 10, Bairstow 39) Review! Sarfraz is convinced that Woakes got a bottom edge on an attempted sweep. No one else in the Pakistan side looks entirely certain but Misbah goes with his keeper and asks for the review. But there’s nowt on Snicko and nothing on Hotspot. Not out. Woakes escapes to the non-striker’s end a couple of balls later with a single that takes him into double figures from his 67th delivery.

60th over: England 170-6 (Woakes 9, Bairstow 38) Woakes cuts Wahab away for single … and then there’s another close shave for Bairstow, who drives and misses. And from the very next ball the bowler does find the edge but the ball drops a yard short of first slip. Wahab must be wondering what he has to do. It has been a brilliant, brief spell so far.

59th over: England 169-6 (Woakes 8, Bairstow 38) Shot! Bairstow unfurls the sweep and gently nudges Yasir away for three to fine leg. Next up Woakes edges once more! But again the ball drops short of the man at slip. Yasir looks more of a threat from over the wicket, though he is leaking a few more runs from there.

58th over: England 165-6 (Woakes 7, Bairstow 35) Wahab again tempts a false stroke, with Woakes this time having a daft waft outside off. And he repeats the trick a couple of balls later
The bowler, though, gets a second warning after wandering into the Danger Zone again – part of the problem is that it’s not just Wahab’s back foot coming through into the forbidden area, but his front foot after that too. One more warning and he’ll be out of the attack for the innings.
And from the last ball of an all-action over we have a drop. Woakes pushes at a wide one and Shafiq at third slip can’t quite keep the ball up, though it looks like it may not have quite carried.

57th over: England 165-6 (Woakes 7, Bairstow 35) Yasir gets a bowl at Bairstow after back-to-back maidens at Woakes. A big bottom edge provides a scare but a more confident cut brings a single – the first run off Yasir since tea from the 23rd ball. And like buses, another single comes from the next as Woakes pushes down the ground.

56th over: England 163-6 (Woakes 6, Bairstow 34) Rahat has a rest and Wahab Riaz enters the fray. He slings one wide, which has Bairstow chasing rather inadvisedly. He fails to make contact, which was probably for the best. Wahab then gets a warning for trampling into the Danger Zone on his follow through.

He responds by beating the outside edge with a beauty that straightens Bairstow up and is a whisker away from giving Pakistan the breakthrough.

55th over: England 161-6 (Woakes 6, Bairstow 33) Yasir v Woakes once more. The spinner is refusing to admit defeat in this round-the-wicket line of attack despite Woakes’s prodigious and effective use of the pad. Another maiden for Yasir, his third on the bounce since tea.

54th over: England 161-6 (Woakes 6, Bairstow 33) Four runs! The first boundary since the 43rd over as Rahat strays onto Bairstow’s pads. The batsman tickles fine for four.

53rd over: England 157-6 (Woakes 6, Bairstow 29) Yasir goes round the wicket to Woakes, who employs his pad to good effect. Another maiden. Yasir’s figures now read: 20-7-47-2.

52nd over: England 157-6 (Woakes 6, Bairstow 29) Woakes, 41 balls into his innings, picks up his sixth run with a little nudge off Rahat. Every run is welcome for England now, though – there have been just 19 of them from the last 13 overs.

Woakes in action. Photograph: Robbie Stephenson/JMP/REX/Shutterstock

51st over: England 156-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 29) Predictably it’ll be Yasir Shah from the Pavilion End. Bairstow looks happy enough blocking him out but there’s no sense of him really getting on top of the spinner and runs are proving very hard to come by. A maiden.

50th over: England 156-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 29) Rahat continues after the break and gets one to rear up into Bairstow’s gloves. He picks up a painful single. Woakes edges to second slip but the ball bounces a yard or so in front of Younus Khan.

Pakistan need four wickets for victory (though if they get one the end could come fairly quickly). England need 128 runs to win. The sun is out at Lord’s. It’s a fantastic setting for what could and should be a dramatic climax to this Test match. This is what it’s all about.


So very much Pakistan’s session but as long as Bairstow and Woakes are out there England have a chance. A slim chance, but a chance all the same.

49th over: England 155-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 28) Yasir produces another cracker from the fifth ball of the over, pitching in the rough outside leg stump and fizzing past first Woakes’s outside edge and the the off stump. But he survives. That’s tea.

48th over: England 154-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 27) Rahat takes what will be the penultimate over before tea. Bairstow drops the ball into the offside and scampers through for a single.

47th over: England 153-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 26) A big appeal as Yasir finds Woakes’s pad but it’s always sliding down. Another probing maiden.

46th over: England 153-6 (Woakes 5, Bairstow 26) Rahat is playing the old temptation game, dangling the ball outside off and hoping for Chris Woakes to bite. An inswinger finds the outside edge but the ball flies low to gully, then a wide outswinger does tempt the drive. Woakes is relieved to see the ball miss the outside edge by a whisker and celebrates with a single off the last.

Woakes picks up a single. Photograph: Ian Kington/AFP/Getty Images

45th over: England 152-6 (Woakes 4, Bairstow 26) Yasir has changed ends and has Bairstow on the defensive, playing with a bat so dead the ball barely leaves the strip. Until the last ball, that is, which is pushed firmly to point. A maiden.

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