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Elon Musk snapped back at Arianna Huffington's advice to get some more sleep in tweet he sent at 2.30 am

August 20,2018 16:21

Arianna Huffington told Elon Musk to get some more sleep. But the Tesla CEO snapped back in a 2.30 a.m. tweet. Musk said he has no choice but to work long hours because the alternative is potentially catastrophic for Tesla. It follows his brutally ...

JPMorgan analysts have slashed their stock price target on Tesla to $195 from $308, back where it was before chief executive Elon Musk’s going-private tweet.

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On Aug. 7, Musk tweeted that he is considering talking Tesla private for $420 – “funding secured.”
In communicating the downgrade, JPMorgan’s analysts wrote, “Our interpretation of subsequent events leads us to believe that funding was not secured for a going private transaction, nor was there any formal proposal.”
“Tesla does appear to be exploring a going private transaction, but we now believe that such a process appears much less developed than we had earlier presumed, suggesting formal incorporation into our valuation analysis seems premature at this time,” analyst Ryan Brinkman wrote in a client note.
JPMorgan analysts upped their forecast on Tesla from $198 to $308 when Tesla’s stock surged following Musk’s tweets. They have an underweight rating on the stock. The media price target of analysts covering Tesla is $336, according to Reuters.



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Elon Musk snapped back at Arianna Huffington’s advice to get some more sleep in tweet he sent at 2.
Elon Musk snapped back at Arianna Huffington’s ...