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Dollar Shave Club's $1 Billion Deal: A Victory for Simplicity Over Technology

July 21,2016 00:09

It signs up customers with clever online marketing and low prices, and relies on third parties to manufacture its products. “We can't help but wonder if this is a bold statement that technology and product quality has reached a level where it is doesn ...and more »

Unilever PLC’s decision to pay $1 billion for the trendy-but-unprofitable Dollar Shave Club Inc. is evidence that simple, low-price razors have upended a global business long-built on adding blades and raising prices. “To say we didn’t come out of the gate with a bull's-eye on Gillette would be disingenuous,” Michael Dubin, the 37-year-old founder and chief executive of Dollar Shave Club, said in a recent interview. Dollar...

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