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Daily Horoscope: YOUR October 10 star sign reading, zodiac ...

October 10,2018 23:19

TODAY'S daily horoscope comes with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Scorpio – but how will this affect your star sign reading?

Three planets join the Moon in Scorpio today, creating the perfect conditions for intense and focused people to be born today.
Luckily astrologer Debra Silverman, of Astrology Answers, said the Sun in Libra will add a splash of “sweetness” into the mix of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon in Scorpio.
The astrologer said: “Libra is the quality of air that lightens everything up.
“It makes you feel like you’re so charming, and delightful, and everything’s sociable and so easy to get along with, until the Scorpio says: ‘Wait a minute, let’s go intense.’

“So it’s an interesting combination in the heavens right now – there’s only a little bit of air.
“Thank God the Sun is there and Mars in Aquarius, but we’ve got so much excessive Scorpio and I happen to love Scorpio.”
Ms Silverman said Scorpios tends to get a “bad rap” from astrologers for their supposed negativity and “dark side”.
But if you are willing to “look them straight in the eyes” and filter through the negative aspects, “you can open up their heart”.

The astrologer said: “But if you get stopped by the negativity, they push you away.
“They push you away in order to get close – they sabotage themselves in order to feel like they’re normal. It’s kind of strange.
“So if there’s any part of you that sabotages in your diet, in your exercise or in your money, or with your job, where you know you’re not really standing up for yourself, with four planets in Scorpio this is a lot.”
The three planets in Scorpio are in a “very wonderful” position this week, forming a T-square with Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius.

The six planets in the T-square are in conflict with one another, causing tension.

Ms Silverman said: “If you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you could feel in the next few days like ‘what is going on?’
“It’s asking you – because this is the big issue with Scorpio, with its whole flavour – to let go of control.
“Scorpios think that they are in control this reality. Well here’s the announcement: You’re not in control, your job is to be surrendered and soft and yielded to let magic happen.

“If you think you gripping and trying to protect, keeping your shields up, it’s existing number one, it keeps you separate and we’re talking about Libra all month – all they want is a relationship.”
The astrologer advised now is a good time ask yourself if you are open and available to others.
If you are not having fun with this planetary configuration, something is wrong.
Click here to read more about your daily horoscope from astrologer Russell Grant.

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