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Cinema Chain Builds Jungle Gyms in Theaters

March 08,2017 10:13

Parents who've had to deal with energetic and rambunctious kids inside a movie theater will suffer no longer. At least, that's one intended effect of Cinepolis USA's newly announced movie theater spaces for children, Cinepolis Junior. The theater chain ...

A cinema chain has unveiled a new plan to entice families with young children – cinema screens with their own playgrounds inside.Cinepolis USA announced that it’s opening two screens in its complexes in Southern California which will be adorned with 55-foot long, 20-foot high ‘play structures’ with slides, platforms and various other playground equipment.There are also astro-turfed areas for smaller children, hanging tyres and animal sculptures to clamber on.The playground set-ups are immediately adjacent to the usual auditorium seating, but fear not, the idea is not for kids to play during the movie.(Credit: Cinepolis)Play is encouraged only in the 15 minutes prior to show time – and as anyone with a child knows, dragging them off playground equipment that’s literally right next to them to come and sit quietly for and an hour-and-a-half will be a breeze.Tickets for the screens cost $3 more than standard prices, with family films screened five days a week.Cinepolis is based in Mexico, and will bring the idea to its US theatres having already trialled it in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Spain.“The opportunity to introduce Cinepolis Junior and what it represents – a new way to help loved ones come together and enjoy the arts – to the U.S. market is an honor,” said Adrian Mijares Elizondo of Cinepolis USA.“As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, we are pleased to be a pioneer and continue our innovation in the exhibitor space with our newest theater concept. To help new guests fall in love with movies is our goal, and to do it in a way that caters to every need is our mission.”Thus far, social media has not been excessively kind about the idea…However, there’s the odd slightly more level-headed assessment too.No word yet on whether any UK operators will be following suit.Read more:Emma Watson hits back at those branding her a feminist hypocrite Critics’ reactions to Beauty and the Beast are mixedHow Rogue One should’ve ended

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