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Catalonia Bows to Spanish Authority as Rajoy's Strategy Prevails

October 30,2017 20:23

“Taking control of the government and calling elections for December makes it very hard for the independence movement to respond.” On Sunday hundreds of thousands of Catalans flooded the center of Barcelona to protest against independence and a poll ...

Barcelona/Madrid, October 30, 2017 22:49 IST
Updated: October 30, 2017 22:52 IST

Ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is said to have left for Belgium with other members of his administration.   | Photo Credit: REUTERS

Spain’s direct rule over Catalonia took hold on Monday as state employees turned up for work despite calls for disobedience, and pro-independence parties said they would contest an election, implicitly accepting the regional government had been sacked. Also, the regional legislature cancelled a meeting scheduled for Tuesday.
Spanish media reported that ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont had left for Belgium with several other members of his administration. The state prosecutor, Attorney-General Jose Manuel Maza, called for charges of rebellion and sedition, as well as fraud and misuse of funds, to be brought against Catalan leaders. Monday’s calm on the streets of Barcelona resolved a weekend of uncertainty during which is was not clear how the region would respond to central control. Some of the most prominent Catalan leaders, including Mr. Puigdemont and Vice President Oriol Junqueras had said they would not accept their dismissal.
But their respective political parties, PdeCat (Catalan Democratic Party) and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Catalan Republican Left) said on Monday they would take part in the snap election, a tacit acceptance that Parliament had been dissolved.

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