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Britain Is Open for Business

July 11,2016 02:09

Now we intend to offer even more competitive taxes, and to become a home to more, not less, international business. To signal our intent, we will cut our corporate tax rate still further. It was already set to reach 17% from the 28% rate I inherited ...and more »

Britain has made its decision to leave the European Union.‎ It wasn’t one I recommended or campaigned for in last month’s referendum, nor do I resile from the concerns I raised. But there is no point looking back in anger; in great democracies like ours, when the people speak we respect their verdict, and we must take it as an instruction to deliver. ‎The question now is not what Britain is leaving; it is what Britain will become. There are those who want our exit from the EU to signal that we should now turn our back on...

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