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'Brimstone & Glory,' 'City of Ghosts,' 'Strong Island' Lead Cinema Eye ...

November 04,2017 14:15

Heineman and Ford's films joined Jonathan Olshefski's “Quest,” Frederick Weisman's “Ex Libris: The New York Public Library,” Agnes Varda and JR's “Faces ...and more »

Viktor Jakovleski’s “Brimstone & Glory,” Matthew Heineman’s “City of Ghosts,” and Yance Ford’s “Strong Island” led the 11th annual Cinema Eye Honors nominations with four apiece, it was revealed on Friday.
Heineman and Ford’s films joined Jonathan Olshefski’s “Quest,” Frederick Weisman’s “Ex Libris: The New York Public Library,” Agnes Varda and JR’s “Faces Places,” and Feras Fayyad’s “Last Men in Aleppo” in the top field of outstanding achievement in nonfiction feature filmmaking.
Heineman, Wiseman, Ford, Varda, and JR were joined by “Casting JonBenet” and “The Challenge” helmers Kitty Green and Yuri Ancarani, respectively, in the best director field.
Wiseman became the first filmmaker in Cinema Eye history to be nominated three times in the category. Heineman, meanwhile, received four individual nominations, the most of any person this year.
Winners will be revealed at the 11th annual Cinema Eye Honors on Jan. 11, 2018. Full list of nominations below.
Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking“City of Ghosts”“Ex Libris: The New York Public Library”“Faces Places”“Last Men in Aleppo”“Quest”“Strong Island”

Outstanding Achievement in DirectionKitty Green, “Casting JonBenet”Matthew Heineman, “City of Ghosts”Yuri Ancarani, “The Challenge”Frederick Wiseman, “Ex Libris: The New York Public Library”Agnès Varda and JR, “Faces Places”Yance Ford, “Strong Island”
Outstanding Achievement in EditingBill Morrison, “Dawson City: Frozen Time”Joe Beshenkovsky, “Jane”TJ Martin, “LA92”Keith Fraase and John Walter, “Long Strange Trip”Lindsay Utz, “Quest”Francisco Bello, Daniel Garber and David Barker, “The Reagan Show”
Outstanding Achievement in ProductionNominees to be Determined, “Brimstone & Glory”Matthew Heineman, “City of Ghosts”Heino Deckert, Ai Weiwei and Chin-Chin Yap, “Human Flow”Kareem Abeed, Stefan Kloos and Søren Steen Jespersen, “Last Men in Aleppo”Brenda Coughlin, Yoni Golijov and Laura Poitras, “Risk”
Outstanding Achievement in CinematographyTobias von dem Borne, “Brimstone & Glory”Yuri Ancarani, Luca Nervegna and Jonathan Ricquebourg, “The Challenge”Andrew Ackerman and Jeff Orlowski, “Chasing Coral”TBD, “Human Flow”Rodrigo Trejo Villanueva, “Machines”
Outstanding Achievement in Original Music ScoreDan Romer and Benh Zeitlin, “Brimstone & Glory”Francesco Fantini and Lorenzo Senni, “The Challenge”Alex Somers, “Dawson City: Frozen Time”Philip Glass, “Jane”Dan Deacon, “Rat Film”Hildur Gudnadóttir and Craig Sutherland, “Strong Island”
Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design or AnimationChad Herschberger, “78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene”Matt Schultz and Shawna Schultz, “Chasing Coral”Grant Nellessen, “Citizen Jane: Battle for the City”Daniel Gies and Emily Paige, “Let There Be Light”Stefan Nadelman, “Long Strange Trip”
Audience Choice Prize“Abacus: Small Enough to Jail”“City of Ghosts”“Chasing Coral”“Faces Places”“Jane”“Kedi”“Quest”“Step”“Whose Streets?”“The Work”
Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature FilmViktor Jakovleski, “Brimstone& Glory”Anna Zamecka, “Communion”Rahul Jain, “Machines”Theo Anthony, “Rat Film”Yance Ford, “Strong Island”
Outstanding Achievement in Broadcast Nonfiction Filmmaking“13th”Producers Ben Cotner, Adam Del Deo and Lisa Nishimura“Abortion: Stories Women Tell”Sheila Nevins, Senior Producer Sara Bernstein“Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds”“Five Came Back”“The Keepers”“Solitary: Inside Red Onion State Prison”
Spotlight Award“Donkeyote”“An Insignificant Man”“Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle”“Plastic China”“Stranger in Paradise”“Taste of Cement”
Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Short Filmmaking“Edith+Eddie”“Heroin(e)”“Little Potato”“Polonaise”“The Rabbit Hunt”“Ten Meter Tower”
The Unforgettables (Non-competitive Honor, previously announced)The year’s most notable and significant nonfiction film subjects
Chanterelle Sung, Hwei Lin Sung, Jill Sung, Thomas Sung & Vera Sung, “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail”Bobbi Jene Smith, “Bobbi Jene”Abdalaziz Alhamza, Hamoud Almousa and Mohamad Almusari, “City of Ghosts”Ola Kaczanowska, “Communion”Dolores Huerta, “Dolores”Dina Buno and Scott Levin, “Dina”Agnès Varda, “Faces Places”Daje Shelton, “For Ahkeem”Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, “Icarus”Dr. Jane Goodall, “Jane”Jim Carrey, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”Christine’a Rainey, Christopher “Quest” Rainey, PJ Rainey and William Withers, “Quest”Yance Ford, “Strong Island”Jennifer Brea, “Unrest”Brian, Charles, Chris, Dark Cloud, Kiki and Vegas, “The Work”
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