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May 18,2018 03:49

ATTORNEY JESSICA L. ROWE HONORED BY THE WOMEN LAWYERS'S SECTION OF THE SAN MATEO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. On May 10, Jessica L. Rowe, of Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle, received the Elinor Falvey Award from The Women ...

ATTORNEY JESSICA L. ROWE HONORED BY THE WOMEN LAWYERS’S SECTION OF THE SAN MATEO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. On May 10, Jessica L. Rowe, of Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle, received the Elinor Falvey Award from The Women Lawyers’s Section of the San Mateo County Bar Association. Each year, at the Women Lawyers Spring Judges’ Luncheon, the Elinor Falvey Award is presented to a person or organization that advances the interests of women. Nominations are based on: 1. Service to women lawyers practicing in San Mateo County, or law related achievement in San Mateo County; 2. Service to women lawyers in general or law related achievement in general; and 3. Service or achievement in areas of special concern to all women such as equal employment opportunity, domestic violence, child advocacy, child care, education or service to families. The award is named for Elinor Falvey, who became the first female president of the San Mateo County Bar Association in 1950. The Women Lawyers’s Section was established in
1986. First named the “Women in Law Committee,” its stated mission is “to support women in the legal profession and to promote the legal interests of women in society.” The Section’s goals and priorities include increased membership, active involvement of all members, education to the legal community and the public, philanthropy (time/money), advocating judicial appointment of individuals who are supportive of women, advancing legislation furthering women’s interests, and networking and social functions.
SELF-SERVICE CHECK-IN KIOSK SAVES TIME FOR JURORS AT THE REDWOOD CITY COURTHOUSE. As part of its celebration of Juror Appreciation Week, May 14-18, The Superior Court of San Mateo County debuted a self-service check-in kiosk meant to enhance the juror services experience. The kiosk will allow jurors to scan their summons when they arrive for service, reducing the amount of time spent waiting to check-in with a staff person. The San Mateo Court was recently awarded grant funding to explore further improvements to the jury services experience, including juror notification via text messaging. Presiding Judge Susan Irene Etezadi said: “Jurors guarantee that everyone has the right to a trial where they can be heard and judged by their peers. In recognition of this valuable service, the judicial branch has worked to make jury duty less burdensome with one-day or one-trial service, plain-language jury instructions and other improvements. We deeply appreciate the sacrifices and contributions jurors make to our justice system.” Annually, millions of Californians participate in jury service: Approximately 9 million people are summoned to jury service; more than 4 million prospective jurors are eligible and available to serve; and approximately 80 percent of prospective jurors who report to the courthouse in person complete service in one day. For more information on jury service contact the San Mateo Superior Court Jury Division at 599-1700; go the Court’s website at www.sanmateocourt.org/court_divisions/juror_services/; or visit the Jury Service section of the California Courts website.
Susan E. Cohn is a member of the State Bar of California. She may be contacted at susan@smdailyjournal.com.

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