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Autumn Equinox 2018 astrology: What is tomorrow's September ...

September 23,2018 05:13

THE Autumnal September Equinox peaks tomorrow when the Sun passes directly over the Earth's equator – but how will this heavenly moment affect your ...and more »

The Autumn Equinox marks the first day of astronomical autumn in the northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the south.
In the UK, the equinox will start just before 3am on Sunday morning, September 23.
The equinox will start when the Sun positions itself directly over the Earth’s equator – an event which only occurs twice throughout the year.
Astrologers who have studied the celestial movements of the planets and the stars believe this could have a significant impact on your horoscope in the days to come.

According to astrologer Christopher Byrne of First Nature, the planetary alignments of Mercury and Venus during the equinox might not be ideal for everyone.
Mr Byrne said: “The Sun and Mercury are in close conjunction and are moving into Virgo.
“What this means for the majority of this year – in fact all of this year – is that Venus has preceded Mercury. Last year Mercury preceded Venus.
“What does this mean? Well, Mercury and Venus are the closest planets to the Sun so they are always close to it in the sky and in astrology they are in the same house or only one house either side of it.

“Mercury is predominantly about learning and communication. So last year Mercury was moving before Venus, which is about nurture, beauty, self-love, self-worth and self-care, so Mercury would show you the lesson you needed to learn in that particular area of your life and then Venus would come in an allow you integrate that lesson.
“This year it’s been the other way around, so we’ve been seeing situations where we can’t perhaps quite integrate into what’s for our highest and greatest good.
“Then a few weeks later Mercury comes in to show you the lesson which is almost too late.”
The astrologer stressed now is a time to put yourself first in all places, to help fulfil your “greatest good”.

But this could also be a great time to step back and “go within”, Mr Byrne added.

He said: “Figure out what you’ve learned this year. Figure out what the challenges and situations have shown you and how perhaps you can learn to do better next time.
“It is very interesting because both the Sun and Mercury are very dynamic, so do expect dynamic energies, do expect quick lessons, quick communications.
“You might be hearing from people that bring your Sun out, that you may have not heard from in quite a while.

“Some of you also will be anticipating people coming home, so it is a great time for reunion.”
Mr Byrne said the Moon will reach its full phase a day after the Equinox in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.
If you feel stuck and uncreative in the next few after the equinox, just “wait a moment” and the feeling will pass towards the end of the month.
You can find out what other astrologers think about the Autumn Equinox by clicking here: Equinox Horoscope: What does the Autumn Equinox mean for YOUR zodiac?

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