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October 11,2017 02:13

It may very well be a wild, wild week Aries, with your ruler Mars in sensitive Cancer and moving into a tight square to Uranus, waxing to completion on Monday,and more »

With Jupiter exiting your opposite sign of Libra and entering Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct. 10, you will be feeling a strong pull into your own Soul. It won’t be enough to dance around the surface with someone or to make choices based on appearances, you are ready to go deep. Jupiter enters your house of intimacy and will be there for an an entire year, having you wanting to get to the very center of an experience. Over time, it will serve to expose the truth in places where you were not ready to see it before and it will also help you get in touch with a deeper part of yourself. This trend is empowering beyond belief, as it naturally pulls you more deeply into yourself, encouraging your wings to expand and for you to emerge with more presence and influence down the roads you travel. Some fears may currently be holding you back or keeping you focused on a family matter that is consuming your thoughts, as your ruler Mars in Virgo finishes a square to Saturn. But life eases by the weekend as it pulls off that grated edge. Loving Venus also enters Libra in your house of others on Saturday, Oct.14, to help you ‘feel the love’ from someone you really love, which will have a way of making everything feel better than ‘alright’ again!
Benevolent Jupiter enters your opposite sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct. 10, and will tour through your house of relationships for the next year, energizing a deepening in key karmic and fated connections, and also exposing areas that will require necessary growth. It will be a time when you are invested in making your relationships as meaningful as they can be and Jupiter wants nothing more than to help those ties expand in every direction. With Mars and your ruler Venus both in fellow earth sign Virgo, your heart has been showing you with undeniable certainty what it is that you want and need in your life, and you are investing your everything into making it yours. Mercury travels with the Sun in Libra to help you express yourself with more love and sensitivity. Mercury also aligns quite favorably to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, on Thursday, Oct. 12, to help you keep your heart open within all of your exchanges. Your ruler enters Libra as well on Saturday, Oct. 14, to help you bring a better overall balance into your life, which includes some essential needs you have of your own that will heighten your overall feeling of levity and health. It’s all about listening this week, to others and to yourself. The way from there will be paved and clear!
Your ruler Mercury is a fast mover, and he moves like the wind. With this in mind, you gotta ‘catch him while you can’ and lean on those energetic openings when they show up at your front door. Mercury is traveling with the Sun in fellow air sign Libra early on this week, and will be in a most supportive alignment to the Nodes on Thursday, Oct.12, as well as to Saturn, the planet governing ‘the sure thing’. This helps you immensely surrounding matters of the heart. It’s as if you have the energetic favor to lock in a love and make it your own. At the very least, you will be word savvy and will be able to articulate your feelings beautifully. This will come as a relief as Mars and Venus have been in Virgo and squaring Saturn in your house of relationships, so everything may have been feeling forced or simply too much effort with this constant feeling of crisis arising. It may have been too that everyone around you woke up grumpy, perhaps even yourself, and you felt like you had to walk on eggshells to prevent combat. Nevertheless, loving Venus enters fellow air sign Gemini on Saturday, Oct. 14, to help free your heart up, helping you feel more like your fun loving self again. Good loving progress in relationships that really matter will be your golden gift this week!
What a difference a month makes, eh Cancer? You know this tune more than any other, as your ruler the Moon travels through every sign within a twenty-eight day cycle. This past month, the planet has felt to have been hit up, down and side-ways. Being that lady Luna is is your guiding light, you have a high degree of innate sensitivity and compassion, you can feel when Gaia and the world is weeping and you can’t help yourself but witness nature in great distress. Fortunately, Saturn, the planet of strength and security, is in optimistic Sagittarius and forming stabilizing angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, offering a stream of energy that feeds an energetic balancing effect. Mercury is traveling with the Sun in Libra and will align with ease as well to this axis, to grant you with a level head to balance out some recent hard emotions. Lastly, and yet most importantly, expansive Jupiter enters fellow water sign Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct.10, for the next year, to help you expand your Soul potential as a result of being more deeply seated in your self. Surrender to the magnetic pull within and it will allow you to bring more of your natural essence out into the world!
The transiting North Node, the symbol that pulls you into your future, is in your sign and is receiving a tremendous angle of support from steady Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius this week, in a way that has not been quite like this in many, many moons, eons in fact. For starters, the last time the North Node was in Leo was eighteen years ago and Saturn was not in Sagittarius at that time, so the timing extends well beyond that. The benefit of utilizing astrology in your life is to know when the cosmic force is with you and when it’s not. Your Soul is embarking upon a new cycle in time, where creative and loving new beginnings are present. For some of you, there is an international flair and focus where your reach can cross country lines, for we know you love to do everything with a giant splash and shine. One major shift this week is abundant Jupiter is entering Scorpio on Tuesday,Oct.10, for a year long tour in your house of home and the emotional body, which helps to deepen and expand this arena, also bringing good fortune to your door. It helps to stoke the loving embers as well as your tendency to go deep and grow will lead to desirable growth, enhancing your emotional connections. It becomes as simple as this: as your emotions soften and yet also intensity, you invite more into your world where the heart beats!
Every week, it’s about measuring the energetic influences that are serving you or taxing you. No week is perfect. Some weeks feel as if they are working strongly in your favor and others feel as if you are fighting tooth and nail just get get through them. As humans we live for the love and the light that finds a way to enter our day and it keeps us reaching for more. Your ruler Mercury is in Libra and is traveling in tandem with the Sun. Together they are forming harmonizing angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, which is helping you and your heart to rise to new heights, it is helping you heal and calm some turbulent emotional waters and ultimately it is about helping you become stronger within yourself. You are finding just how much you can count on you, and when you can count solely on you to establish a better feeling balance, then others are naturally pulled into to your energy field. In addition this week, generous Jupiter enters powerful Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct. 10, in your house of communication, gifting you with an uncanny capacity to influence others and rope them in until they are eating straight out of your hands. This energy will be in your corner for the next year, so if you are needing to sell someone on your story or talk your way in through a door, you now have the floor. A penetrating subtlety becomes your magic and as always, less will prove to be more. Don’t overthink this one, feel your way there and you will find you have arrived!
You will discover comfort and some peace when your loving ruler Venus finds her way back home into your sign this weekend. Before we get there, the Sun and Mercury are in step also in your sign and forming beneficial angles to the Nodes, those symbols that connect to your past and your future, to assist you in merging into a more natural lane. Saturn, the planet of security, also bodes well in this line-up to help guide you down more secure paths and you find ‘with a little help from your friends’ you are right where you want to be. You are reminded yet again that those golden opportunities in life don’t stem from what you know but who you know , yet again it is your connections that count, those ties that stand the test of trials and time. So much of your life force is fed through your relationships for they are your cornerstone, and your driving desire is to cultivate cherished connections. You are in position to receive that which you have been so selflessly giving out as Venus enters your sign this weekend and you feel a welcomed balancing effect reach your inner space. Abundant Jupiter enters Scorpio after a year long journey through your sign. However, in many ways the effect of this energy is just beginning for you, as he enters your house of what you value most. Just keep bringing your highest self forward and you will reap what you sow, and so much more!
Your time has arrived! Jupiter, the most generous force in our solar system, entered your sign Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct. 10, to spend an entire year working on your behalf. Not only have you been granted your own cosmic wing man, you have the potential to make your personal galaxy larger than life, or at least as big as you want it to be. No planet is all good or all bad, and so it is important to know that Jupiter expands whatever it touches, which means whatever you are energizing will tend to grow, so watch any negative thought patterns or self-defeating habits. On the flip side, one smooth move in a positive direction could magnetize a domino effect of plenitude. On a deeper note, since we all know you never idle for long, this trend promotes an expansion of your being, and an energy available for you to get more deeply in touch with the evolutionary journey of your Soul. This occurs so you are living in an authentic alignment with your purest of intentions. A high degree of energetic assistance is benefiting your creative life purpose with Saturn and Mercury so strategically positioned to your North Node, the symbol for your destiny, as we move into the weekend, so clear all that is not a priority so you can bring your entire life force to the front line of your mission. Watch out world, you aint seen nothin’ yet!
The past few weeks have been an uphill battle in ways, but your efforts have not come without reward. Persistence pays and staying determined is the name of the game. But you are well familiar with that Sag from task master Saturn hold serious real estate in your sign for the past two years, which is where he will remain until just before Christmas. His departure will be a gift of its own. However, Saturn has grown on you and you have matured as a result, and nothing prepares you better for life than that. The recent stress involves warrior Mars squaring Saturn, which will peak on Thursday, Oct. 12, but with each day that follows, the energy will continue to dissipate. Fortunately, Saturn has some cosmic strength of his own, as he aligns with precision to innovative Uranus and you are given options with surprising ease as he syncs up with Mercury and the Sun in Libra. In addition, Saturn is making a substantial stand as he goes to bat for you with his turn-key angle to the North Node in fellow fire sign Leo. Stop and reflect about where you want to take life from here and how you wish to be remembered. Your ruler Jupiter entered powerful Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct.10, in your house of the heavens, healing and the dream, to help you remove any limiting belief you have placed on yourself. Welcome to a world where anything is possible!
Mars moves beyond the square to your ruler Saturn, to finally take some of the heat and pressure off after Thursday, Oct. 12, so much so, you will be viscerally reminded what it feels like to be you again. It may have been feeling as if your essential nature was being thwarted and blocked in some way and gradually you will feel the floodgates lift. Saturn does form stabilizing angles in other directions to help sustain you through this period and in some cases you will come to know just how resilient you are. But hey Cappy, everyone has a limit, even you. Truth-seeking Jupiter entered Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct.10, in your house of breakthroughs and will be there for an entire year. You will find you experience the deepest feeling of rebellion toward the mainstream way and you dig in to access and express more of your own unique individuality. Sure you know how to do what it takes to make it in this dog eat dog world, but that won’t be nearly enough for you just to survive, this time you want something different, something meaningfully more. Deep change will be what you get, and it’s the kind of change you wouldn’t try and stop for a second!
It’s been a long time comin’, twelve years to be exact, but Jupiter has returned to help you summit a mountain of success. Jupiter entered Scorpio up at the top of your chart, otherwise known as your hour of career and the public self, and he invites rich opportunity in this arena of your life. No more trying things on for size or seeing if something sticks, your strides are taking you places. This may also be a time when you experience greater recognition for what your Soul came here to do, and your reputation may also improve as your credibility is documented and you become respected in your field. In large part, because you stand out from the rest. It may be a time that leads you into more empowering work and so you find yourself inwardly raising the bar of what you know, which is where the personal benefits are reaped. It will have a way of increasing your energetic frequency that has others drawn to you in a deep psychological way without even knowing why. With Saturn in Sagittarius in his current position, he is helping to secure some changing scenery in your life, as well as to secure a love connection or to strengthen one you are already in. Loving Venus enters fellow air sign Libra this weekend to help matters, as she has a way of bringing out the beautiful in you. Once you receive her rays, share that sunshine with another!
An emotional transition is in place, an evolutionary threshold has been crossed, and you feeling the presence that wise Jupiter holds in your life, as he quietly, yet powerfully, whispers deep truths into your Soul with his entrance into Scorpio on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Everything in life is due to expand in exponential degrees, starting with your own optimism regarding what you wish to manifest in your life. You have been in the trenches for a while now Pisces and you will begin to feel life ease up again on the other side of Thursday, Oct. 12, when Mars in your opposite sign pulls off a peaking square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Fortunately, Saturn also combines well with Uranus and Mercury, so it will allow you to objectify your recent travels and put things into proper balance and perspective. It is time you really amplify your vision of your ideal and yet realistic future, and make a plan to set it all in motion. In ways, you are emerging from a fog, and with each day as the fog clears, so will witness a clear path before you. Allow your intuition to be your guide. Your inner compass in the coming year will be far better than any other map you attempt to seek outside of yourself. Trust in what your Soul speaks!

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