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March 16,2017 18:17

The more planets in your sign the better. You want all the leverage you can get to grant you the energetic backing necessary to push you on through. Venus, the planet of love and what you value, including how you earn, is in your sign but still ...

ARIESThe more planets in your sign the better. You want all the leverage you can get to grant you the energetic backing necessary to push you on through. Venus, the planet of love and what you value, including how you earn, is in your sign but still retrograde in the sky. You are retracing some steps with significant others before you can fully move forward. You may not be able to race ahead at the speed you prefer, but you are now carefully tending to the needs of others so together you can stay on the same page. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation just entered Aries, which bodes well for initiating just about anything you want to see happen. A welcomed brave vein of strength manifests in a timely fashion and the your words may take on a life of their own. Somehow you know just what to say. Mercury joins Venus retrograde in your sign this Saturday, March 18, to help you express your love and your intentions effortlessly, allowing for a key step in desirable process to unfold. Loving words heal broken relationship roads, so make an effort to help the connection recover its natural bloom. The Sun enters Aries at the Vernal Equinox on Monday, March 20, and with the sun extending its presence, you too will feel a light ignite within you, helping you travel with a celebrated clarity and confidence!TAURUS
With action Mars in your sign, you may be raring to go but with your ruler Venus retrograde in Aries, something is stalling your plans. This does not equal zero movement, in fact, it will allow those steps that you are experiencing to be more complete, as you are feeling through every move. Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered Aries as well which will serve to add vital information that can help you make clear choices. Mercury joins Venus this Saturday, March 28, to help you tie a bow on something you want. You may also hit the jackpot in terms of spontaneously connecting with something you have been searching for. Materialistically speaking, it could be the perfect piece for your space. Relationship wise, it could reflect some productive movement in a relationship as a result of open communication. Spiritually speaking, it could be the experience of connecting with someone you love who has crossed over. You may also be walking down memory lane this weekend and finding success in healing some of those broken-hearted roads. You do get something you want this weekend, the nature of what it is will directly depend on the nature of what you are energizing!GEMINIThere is an inner warrior emerging within, as your ruler Mercury just entered Aries and is giving you the gas and the gumption to give something your absolute all. You have nothing to lose and with the added fire pulsing through your blood and Soul, you are going to be ready to go as soon as that whistle blows. Venus is retrograde in Aries until the middle of April but this will help you collect yourself in full, it will help you remember who you are, and it will allow you to tap into your own unique nature and bring forth the wisdom and the innovative spirit that you need to set yourself apart from the rest. My favorite trend this week is when your ruler Mercury joins Venus on Saturday, March18, which translates into a cosmic kiss, a validation from the universe, and an applause for what you bring to life's playing field. It is a wonderful day for connecting with friends of like mind and to experience more love out of just about anything you feel drawn to do. It may also be a time when you return to something you love, forgetting how much meaning it brought to your life. Simple pleasures abound for those who follow the magnetic pull!CANCERYou are in the process of laying down a fertile foundation Cancer. You have had your fair share of knocks and your pure efforts, not to mention your fierce determination to deal with something head on, is soon to earn you favor. Mercury just joined Venus and Uranus up at the top of your chart in Aries, and the sun joins the mix on Monday, March 20. A great deal of focus is on your need to rise to a key occasion, to mature as a result of recent tests and trials that your Soul has survived. This does not mean the growth is over. It means you have really just dealt with the tip of an iceberg, but there is so much potential to build your base with all that you want beneath your feet as well as within the emotional halls of your being. This is about becoming stronger for the ride, its about having the experience under your belt to take your life to another living level and its about trusting enough what is within you to see something all the way through. Take a breath now Cancer and join the universe to celebrate a recent breakthrough or two, as Mercury and Venus retrograde join in Aries this weekend to offer their cosmic blessing. Prepare to be shown where the money is or where the love lives, either way, you win!LEOThe more fire the better. Mercury just entered fellow fire sign Aries and he is closing in on Venus to support her efforts in areas where you can reap financial and loving rewards. This tends to bring out the best in you, as more of your natural light shines under this influence. You feel more free to be you, more of your natural expression and creative contribution expands and you feel more encouraged to be who you are in the world without the need to edit a thing. Your greatest gift is in your capacity to love, something we all cannot live without. With the sun as the center of the universe, and the earth needing the sun to sustain life on this planet, we cannot exist without it. With the sun also being your ruler, this world just aint nothin' without you Leo. We need your light and your love, and you find by holding nothing back, you bring out the best in others and at the same time there is an energy that is bringing out the best in you. A passionate two way street is discovered and its a highway that makes you high just thinking about your travels there. Harmony is found this weekend!VIRGOPrepare to go deep Virgo, as your ruler Mercury just entered Aries, in your house of the Soul. You will be driven to direct your journey with more intention and purpose. You are also going to direct your will with more courage and fire and someone is going to respond immediately to what they witness in you. You experience a special feeling of connection this weekend with your ruler Mercury now in Aries and creating harmonious sparks with Venus. It may feel as if you are returning to an old familiar and yet coveted state of balance, whether you find your groove when doing something you love, perhaps something musically related, or a connection is re-kindled and in some cases perhaps a new one is made. There is nothing like some good tunes to change the mood, especially if you are dancing with the one you love. Even better, perhaps you find that ecstatic feeling within yourself. You will need more than ever, the freedom to express what is rising up and intensely swelling within you. Have the courage to show us more of your depth without fear and you will be floored by someone's response!LIBRAYou can use a little help from your opposite counterpart at times, to give you the impetus to commit strongly and convincingly and to take charge of your choices. Your loving ruler Venus is in Aries and retrograde until mid April. Mercury, the planet of communication is also now in Aries and he is on Venus' heels, joining her in a wild communion this weekend. This could either re-ignite an old loving flame or have you hot to the touch, as old anger may surface. You are not a Soul who is used to lugging around a bunch of rage, you want to make and keep the peace at all costs. However, if you have been getting the run around or if you are feeling taken advantage of in any way, someone is going to hear about. On a positive note, you are going to feel set free in a verbal release of pent up heat and you are also going to let someone know you there is more where that came from. You may also find that you are waffling less in your decisions and feeling more certain about what comes next, versus the typical back and forth. There is a clear next step and you know it. Will it impact others? Of course it will. But it is a step that is best for you. It is time for you to make choices that are in balance and in check with what your Soul needs so use this fire to direct your desires while it has your name written all over it. You can allow yourself to burn out or you can fan those flames to freedom. It's your call!SCORPIOYou will be reminded of the power of words Scorpio. Will you use them for good or for injury? With so much heat in the ethers, words can be fired without thinking and before you know it they have reached your target faster than you have a chance to interfere with their trajectory. You speak in bottom lines and when you are expressing yourself you lean heavily on the old adage 'less is more'. This weekend as Mercury and Venus retrograde in Aries combine, you find a way of fixing everything quickly and directly. Your message will be short, yet cunning and sweet. There is not a thing in your life that you cannot improve upon this weekend if your heart is in the right place. You may have to humble yourself in some cases, or be the one to extend the olive branch, as much as you may not want to. You may also need to admit where you have fallen short which creates an opening for another to swiftly follow suit. There is no evolving until the pink elephant in the room is addressed and sorted through. There will be no movement until the love can be recovered. You feel your way back to that space and it lights your way like a candle in the night!
SAGITTARIUSEvery time a planet enters a fellow fire sign, you immediately feel the shift. Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered Aries, in your house of loving affairs and creative self actualization helping you fuel matters of the heart as well as creative endeavors where you have invested the lion share of your energetic investment and focus. Mercury is moving swiftly now and will join Venus retrograde this weekend to help stimulate your ideas for adding further or final touches to a project or plan. This energy also helps to bring desirable heat to your connections with loved ones and supports bringing a relationship back up to speed after some recent stalls and set backs. This weekend you recover your confidence in your capacity to make a difference in this world and to make a difference in the lives you touch. You will speak where you feel your voice is needed but do listen ever so closely when you sense that silence is your better bet. There is a message your Soul is set to receive. If you can tune into the airwaves and find a signal that is free of static or interference, your ears will sing at the sound of what you hear!CAPRICORNIt may have been feeling like an emotional boot camp lately with so much inflamed energy stirring your feeling pot as Venus is retrograde in Aries. Mercury also just entered Aries which will help you bring a direct voice to what you are feeling. It will help to integrate the heart and the mind so you are not so emotionally top heavy. Mercury is quickly catching up to Venus and he will join her with fiery intent on Saturday, March 18. Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus is keeping you grounded through it all, suggesting you do have something to turn to for loving feedback, whether it is a devoted pet or a spiritual practice that keeps your head above it all. In essence, you just may not be getting what you feel you need from a partner or you may be feeling attacked from family members which is having a way of throwing you back upon yourself. You are developing greater inner strength and bit by bit you are building upon what you know. The greater you know yourself, the more you can trust yourself and you find a way to give yourself exactly what you need this weekend. Look no further Cappy, the best begins and ends with you!AQUARIUSSomething happens in your consciousness when you allow yourself to stop and smell the roses. Your mind already operates at warp speed, but now Mercury is in Aries and it may feel as if someone has stepped on the accelerator and turned up your mental volume. Fortunately, Mars joins a retrograde Venus in Aries this weekend, suggesting someone is going to say something that stops you in your tracks making you well aware of what you would have missed if you had instinctually put on your mental brakes. All of your senses become activated, stimulating an even greater awareness. This generates new avenues for your mind to travel and it opens new doors of communication with another in places where you kept hitting a dead end. Unresolved endings may also circle back so you can clear up unfinished business in relationships where old energy is lingering and waiting for you to acknowledge it. Use this weekend to say what you haven't said but know you need to say so in order for the air to be cleared. Old love can also be re-kindled under these passionate skies so prepare for history to either come back to bite you or come racing back to comfort you with a pleasing speed!PISCESSlowly but surely you are finding your way. Mars in steady Taurus will progressively sync up securely to your ruler Neptune in the next few weeks, to help ground you in an evolving process where your livelihood and security is front and center on your personal radar. Venus is retrograde in Aries in your house of how you earn and Mercury just joined her for an added fertile focus. Together they can make a difference in your life this weekend as you land a good gig or connect with someone who can help you in your desired endeavors. These trends can certainly stimulate your resources and help you attract more abundance along these lines. If nothing else, you will be charged with some solid prospects and feel more inspired about your life direction. Mixing things up is definitely on the docket as is keeping things alive and feeling new. Continue to think outside the box Pisces and you will be able to design your own perfect personal formula!


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