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February 10,2017 03:27

Your life may very well take off like wild fire this month, and it will be up to you to be able to direct the energy in your midst, as it could light you up or burn you out. A Full Moon Eclipse on Friday, Feb.10, in fellow fire sign Leo, may multiply ...

ARIESYour life may very well take off like wild fire this month, and it will be up to you to be able to direct the energy in your midst, as it could light you up or burn you out. A Full Moon Eclipse on Friday, Feb.10, in fellow fire sign Leo, may multiply your prospects as it elevates your magnetism with its electric angle to Uranus in your sign. Opportunities could shoot in so out of the blue that it could have you stunned by the sheer speed of their arrival, so stay on your toes and be ready to respond to what the universe is getting ready to deliver. Eclipses in general reflect an element of surprise, as well as emotions that can catch you off guard and although at times there can can be undesirable events occurring under an ecliptic sky, this week, the skies feel far more benevolent in their gestures. Mercury also enters the sign of Aquarius early in the forecast week and syncs up famously to loving Venus in your sign, as well as your ruler Mars, suggesting you are going to be one clever cat, as you communicate and negotiate in ways that stop others in their tracks and have them eating out of your hand. You can feel a change coming and your heart is already starting to stretch to make room for its entry, for you inwardly know that it's a change that guarantees you will never be the same!TAURUS
There is an art to how you pursue a Soul spirited endeavor. You want more than ever to make something your own, to do it your way, and with your own individual style. A clever eye and a sharp ear will help you navigate some of your steps this week, and it will get a good ball rolling and rolling well. Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas is now in Aquarius, in your house of career, and is connecting seamlessly to your ruler Venus in your house of the 'big dream'. Even if there appears to be something in the way of what you want, you have a magic wand to make it move.. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo lights up your house of home and the emotional body, which would typically create a high degree of vulnerability but this eclipse is connecting with precision to Uranus to help you channel what you are feeling in the highest possible way. You are able to bridle the immensity and direct it at will, whether it is with your thoughts or in talks with key others. Wearing your heart on your sleeve will benefit you for it will send a message that leaves little doubt surrounding just how much something means to you. The more you show it, the more others will feel it, and as a result will want to follow suit and support it!GEMINIYou've got the edge. Your ruler Mercury just entered fellow air sign Aquarius granting you tremendous energetic leverage as he combines with Mars and Venus in Aries in effortless ease. To ramp up this favorable charge even more, this aspect occurs on and around the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb. 10, essentially taking the already supportive energy and giving it a dose of energetic steroids. This eclipse occurs in your house of creative and loving expression and will help you in all of your communications and while it also connects with strength to Uranus, this can allow for a breakthrough in just about any relationship that needs help. Your ability to free yourself from a nagging emotional weight is unforeseen now as we enter cosmic territory that could help you peel away from a part of your past that has clung to you for dear life. It may feel like stepping out of a straight jacket and slipping into a swim suit. All of your relationships are in the process of undergoing a positive transformation and by the end of this month, the ones that need to go, will be gone. For now, know that this week will shower you with better feelings and a relative new lease on life. Brainstorm all you want, but let your heart be the thing that leads you forward!CANCEREverybody's ears perk up in preparation when they hear eclipse season is near. Hearts also may race in anticipation for you just never know what you are going to get. Eclipse season occurs every six months and involves a pair of lunar events that may take your Soul center stage, or feeling as if you are right in the center of a wave that is emerging with great force, a wave that will inevitably crest and in some cases make an enormous splash. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb. 10, initiates a two week period of hypersensitivity for the potential for radical personal transformation. In two weeks following, a New Moon Solar Eclipse will close this energetic window, leading you into new waters. What makes this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo this weekend so potentially favorable, is that it forms an advantageous angle of support to Uranus in Aries, to positively energize your sincere efforts for breakthroughs and change. You will be shown at every step where you need to get wet, as in immersing yourself with more determination and commitment to support your endeavors. Your career and dedication to your life's work, may take on a new life of its own, as unexpected opportunities may suddenly surface. The key now is that the more you free yourself within, the swifter those desirable changes will appear to manifest out of thin air!LEOA star is born, and that star has got to be you Leo. Ever since you took your very first breath you knew in your bones that you had a special destiny. If that experience of self actualization has not yet materialized, this will be your year. Giving you an early heads up here, as the biggest astrological event in 2017 may very well occur during your birthday month, as a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, at the last degrees of your sign, is destined to change your life in a show stopping, heart throbbing, and yet Soul promoting ways. However, this Friday, Feb. 10, a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign is also destined to get your heart charged and your inner fire blazing. Relationship planets Mars and Venus, planets that also connect to what we desire and need, are both in fellow fire sign Aries and will be combining with a keen innovation to Mercury in Aquarius in your opposite sign. Uranus, the ruler for Aquarius, is also forming an unforgettable angle of support to this lunar gala, suggesting some of your hopes that have been sitting idle on that horizon, are now within reach. The speed at which life could change in the coming week is mind bending so prepare for anything and yet also know that the force is positively and passionately with you!VIRGOYour ruler Mercury just entered Aquarius, the planet of objectivity and detachment. If something has been weighing heavy on your head or your heart, you will soon feel a piece of perspective that this kind of energetic shift could only grant. Mercury also aligns with Mars and Venus in Aries this week to help you recover your confidence and to energize a reunion with something that lights your fire. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb.10, connects boldly to Uranus in Aries to energize a total sea change in your emotional reality which will prove to become a literal game changer, one that keeps you fully focused on those things that will drive you forward versus hold you back. This week will lead you more deeply into yourself, and it has the potentially to help you love yourself and all that feels right versus drowning in whatever has felt to be going wrong. The more that you energize a love for who you are, the more the world will naturally want to love you back, it really is that simple. Your world of others is also hi lighted now, and swells of emotion along these lines may very well peak this week, but these emotions have the power and the potential to peak with pleasure versus grip you with pain. Take the power surge of loving promise where and when you can. This week the stars will deliver. This time, they say you can!LIBRANothing can soften a hard edge like a little loving touch. Your ruler Venus, the planet of love, is in Aries and traveling with Mars, the planet of War. Together they are speaking ever so clearly to you about what it is that you love so much, that you are willing to got to battle for it. You will feel your passions rise like never before and you will be plugged into a new power surge of energy that will carry a charge that will transform you. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb. 10, forms an emotionally liberating angle of support to Uranus in your house of relationships, suggesting there is tremendous potential linked with someone you know. A friend of a friend could step in and change your life, it may be that their connections help you suddenly soar. This very special planetary combo can change your life with one email or one phone call. One minute you are out and the next minute you are all the way in. Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation also just entered fellow air sign Aquarius, getting you back in touch with something or someone you love all over again. It could be that you are peaking in creative ways, and that others are recognizing your value and worth, or that your relationships are undergoing a desirable transformation. Anything is possible this week, and what is meant to be, will surely find its way to be!SCORPIOA client of mine asked me if life would ever find its way to steady, where there wasn't always something to deal with, tend to, or a fire to put out. The degree of life events that transpire for any given Soul will be dependent upon each personal journey and what is needed in this life in order for evolution to occur. For example, Souls with a preponderance of Scorpio or Plutonian energy in their birth charts, as this particular client has, which includes Pluto in hard aspect to other planets, will reflect a life where the Soul is constantly called to the carpet, where one is forever pushed to grow. In her case, I had to tell her no, it is unlikely things will ever calm down, and yet this is what your Soul intended right from the get go. For a Scorpio,“Everything that kills you makes you feel more alive.” However, this same influence can also sky rocket in Soul penetrating and pleasing ways. Life can be felt with an intensity at all times, due to this energy simply being hard wired within you. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb.10, brings down the barriers that you have erected to attempt to keep yourself protected and safe. You find this week, that a little more 'letting go,' because you must, allows for a love rush to flow into the some of the darkest halls of your heart. Prepare for an ecstatic illumination!

SAGITTARIUSWhen Mars is well positioned, there is absolutely nothing you cannot take on. Currently, Mars is traveling through fellow fire sign Aries, along with Venus, positioning you so strategically that all you need to do is tune in to your innermost desire nature and you will know how to direct your energy. Your instincts will not be beating around the bush, they will be speaking 'straight up', and your radar will be spot on. It can be a time when you rise to your very best and when you shine with more light as a result of your contagious fire. What makes this trend even more auspicious, is that a Full Moon Eclipse in fire sign Leo on Friday, Feb. 10, generates an additional feeling rush as it also aligns with Uranus in fire sign Aries with ridiculous precision as well as Saturn, the planet of stability, in your sign. A desire will catch fire within you, getting hotter with each breath. You will be raising the bar in your own life, as the universe encourages you to expand your vision as well as your reach. Significant players will be showing up in your life to support and ensure your success. Anchor yourself in your inherent strengths and the rest will flower and catch fire from there!CAPRICORNPrepare to blast your way through the blocks. Life may be feeling more unpredictable by the day Cappy, and leave it to a pair of eclipses to continue this theme in your life. An eclipse will almost always energize the unexpected, and with a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb.10, in your house of the Soul, you are going to feel this one at the epicenter of your being. Fortunately, this lunar event carries an air of energetic optimism that I have not seen in quite some time and wherever you can access a raw and spirited faith, you will experience a desire burn bright within you. This eclipse is forming a triangle of support with your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius, as well as radical Uranus in Aries, referred to as a Grand Trine. There is no other planetary configuration that can beat this so pay attention to the message it is sending to you in your life and join forces with the energy, and you will be unstoppable. This power triangle is occurring in water houses for you, which directly connects to the power that you will be feeling surge within you, in your Soul and in your emotional body. When you can find a way to harness the heat of your essence, the rest will be history. Only when you can see yourself with cunning clarity, can you come to truly know yourself, only then can you fully rise!AQUARIUSYou still have some crazy cosmic tricks up your sleeve and you have been holding out to play your hand this week. Your ruler Uranus is in prime position to a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo in your opposite sign on Friday, Feb. 10, but the whole week is electric and hot. Often times folks hear the word opposition and immediately assume it must equal something bad. In truth, an opposition can also energize an opportunity to throw something off from the past. This eclipse can energize change with a flip of a switch. It can take something that has felt dank and dark and like an alchemist, turn it into gold. Mercury, the planet of communication, also just entered your sign and will sync up with Mars and Venus as if they are all best friends. This bodes well for all kinds of negotiations whether they involve money matters or matters of the heart. You've got this thing in the pocket as the saying goes. In fact, I would not want to be in a card game where any money was on the line, you could take the whole pile in one fell swoop. Whatever you are after, you have got that little extra something, so use it wisely, lovingly and well. Friendship may also melt into more from the heat of someone's affections, for love will find a way to show itself in the most unusual spaces and places. Let this week surprise you with more!PISCESI was pondering about what it meant to find and follow your North Star? Symbolically it feels to follow the light of your pure essence, the highest point that you can reach within yourself. Because we are evolving beings, when we reach this peaking place within, upon arrival, the bar will immediately lift again for we are always in a state of becoming something more. We may feel limited by the physical bodies we have chosen, yet we are also timeless and without form. A Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on Friday, Feb. 10, may initially reveal to you where you feel not only limited but where you also broken inside, yet in the same breath it will show you how to remove the hard energy, as Uranus in Aries will operate like majestic dynamite to remove the weight of the unwanted rubble. Mercury has entered Aquarius and will be moving in beautiful harmony with Mars and Venus during this eclipse to help you take those wishes that float just beyond your reach, and bring them down to Earth. This week is about changing all that beats within you to reflect all that you want to see surrounding you. It is time to clean house Pieces, and this starts with clearing the clutter and the dust that takes up precious space in the ardors of your heart. A new love waits to take its place!


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