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February 18,2017 08:30

It is stunning what can happen with even a subtle shift in your orientation. It may take seeing something from another person's pair of eyes, or in doing your best ...and more »

ARIESIt is stunning what can happen with even a subtle shift in your orientation. It may take seeing something from another person's pair of eyes, or in doing your best to feel what they feel. Your ruler Mars and loving Venus, are in your sign and Venus is doing all that she can to soften you. This is occurring in this way because she is traveling behind Mars, and in a sense she is whispering in your ear, doing what she can to send you subliminal messages, encouraging you to take the high road at every turn. She has this way about her where through her touch and her presence, she can massage the pain of whatever you are holding right out of you. At any moment in time, you too can either receive her warmth and her blessing, or you can add further fuel to an already out of control fire. Life is built by choices, and you could not be at a more critical turn with respect to your own path, choices that will propel you fast forward or choices that will lead to total burnout. Mercury in Aquarius combines with Mars now in ways that can radically alter your perspective. Prepare to pivot. With this shift in your stance, you are destined to prosper!TAURUS
This is your month of initiation Taurus, as your ruler Venus is in Aries and traveling with Mars. Venus moves faster than Mars but she never crosses in front of this fiery force this month because she is preparing to cool her jets and turn retrograde in early March. It will be important for you to ride this current wave to completion, as long as you have the fuel from Mars to keep your energy high, for come March 3 through the middle of April, you will be either going back to the drawing board or getting your props ready for the stage that will display your creation. Something has been launched, and once you are feeling solid in the direction it is going, you will be returning to develop it further or to maker some final touches in the next few months. Use the time now with Mercury up at the highest point in your chart, to negotiate all that you wish to secure your position. Mercury also syncs up with Mars in your house of innovation, to help you make a name for yourself or at the very least, to help you get noticed in a very special way. The skies are bursting with fireworks and flavor and everything you touch sizzles!GEMINIWhen moving direct, your ruler Mercury moves with intrepid speed and he won't not stop for anything. He is right in step with action Mars as we initiate this forecast week and he is going to do all he can to help you get your groove back. It's like being a quick change artist, anything goes, and surprises are going to be a bonus in your world. It is so true what they say, “Life is not for the faint of heart.” The very last thing you will be feeling this week is weak, your Soul is super- charged for change and for making what you can with what you been given, and then taking it up a notch. This week is for warriors and for those who can be crafty and clever, including those who are willing to leave it all on the playing field. You have a unique opportunity to get your voice heard and for your message to stick, for your words to make a sincere difference this time. This weekend the transiting Nodes, symbolizing the future and the past, will be station. This will feel like a tattoo in your Soul, a moment in time that becomes a benchmark for how you plan to move forward. You realize that how you energize every nuance of your nature counts; every step, every thought and every breath. Be that change and with remarkable speed, so it will be!CANCERHere we find ourselves in between eclipse points and I have never met a Cancer yet who doesn't feel this window in spades. It really can go either way, and although this period of time can be riddled with surprise in many cases, much depends on the way you are emotionally leaning. You can influence this trajectory by being as productive as you can with your thoughts and intentions. It is also true that some things in life just feel to be fated and at times there is little we can do to change this truth. However, nothing happens without cause. By the same token, something phenomenal can occur that raises the roof of what your Soul ever thought was possible. It's a time where you are plugged into the universal stratosphere and you have no choice but to hold on for dear life. With Mars and Venus both in Aries, you are being pushed to grow, to access the courage needed and to build upon your base. It will require some vulnerable moments to take place but it is in those cracks of apparent weakness where the sweetness of your essence thrives. To help you integrate some necessary changes, Mercury is now in Aquarius, in your house of the empowerment, and he is aligning with precision to Mars. Your next steps will not be a mystery, they will be spelled out with every feeling that surfaces. Your road less traveled has arrived. Proceed with passion!LEOYou may feel as if you cannot possibly keep up with the speed of this wild ride called life, but with Mars and Venus both in fellow fire sign Aries, they will keep you on track no matter how fast this train is traveling. Saturn in your other fellow fire sign Sagittarius, is also trying to keep you grounded in the process and confident in the time commitments you are making. Your passions are not unreasonable, they are not pie n the sky, nor or they some far fetched fantasy, whatever you are energizing now in time will fly. Uranus just about guarantees this truth. You may need to pace yourself in places and not get too far ahead of yourself. You may also need to be spontaneous in your approach with others for that side door entry is bound to catch their attention. Mercury in Aquarius is in a marvelous position with Mars in Aries as we move into the weekend, so do something with this ingenious trend and you will outsmart someone right out of an emotional tangle and into your arms. You are soon to make a memorable impact so strong they'll be coming back for more!VIRGO“When any Soul meets with problems or adverse circumstances, the practice of generating positive thoughts is very effective. If someone lacks this practice, even though that person might be a very serious meditator, he or she will meet with many hardships.” (Dalai Lama) Your ruler Mercury is in Aquarius which could either have you in hyper-focus mode on something that is either bringing you down or someone who is standing on your last nerve. Fortunately, Mercury is forming a primo angle of exceptional support to Mars, the planet governing your will. It does not matter the magnitude of whatever may be feeling stuck in your craw, early on in this forecast, you can distance yourself from its irritating hold with one elevated thought and in a moment it will disappear from your emotional radar. Your thoughts are so electric now Virgo, you could clear all the static from your Soul signal with just the right intention. Access your highest octave and set yourself free!LIBRAUse it or lose it Libra. Mercury in fellow air sign Aquarius is forming an angle of transformation to Mars in your opposite sign early on this week. This can help get you out of the trickiest of tangles. It is simply stellar in its ability to influence your communications in your relationships and in any area where life has felt thwarted, stale and stuck. If there are any broken records in your life in this regard, you are going to finally find a way to pick the lock that has trapped you in an old and unproductive dynamic. This is also a wonderful time for connecting with new friends of like mind, or in meeting someone out of the blue that has a way of changing your life in either a simple or profound way. Creative pursuits and any area linked with your children where you are involved in helping promote them in some way is also hi lighted. Open your heart to the unknown and it will bless you with a multitude of more!SCORPIOAnytime we find ourselves between eclipses, as we do now, it becomes a powerful vortex of energy to jettison the junk and implement radical change. At times, the change happens to us without any sign that it was on its way, but it can also be a period where you take charge of the energy at hand and bend the circumstances to support your stride. Mercury, the planet of communication, is aligning famously to younger brother Mars, helping you re-route your perspective on something that has really taken you out at the knees. You find a way to free yourself and to rebound, empowering you to recreate your life in novel ways. Mars will move into a square to your ruler Pluto early next week, which may have some old fears returning linked with trust issues that you thought you had long let go of, but you feel a sting and it ignites a desire to hash it out one more time. It may also be that you are reaching some degree of burn out and your body is simply needing a break. The key this week is to trust yourself with what you know you deeply need and then follow through with a plan that supports a return to health on every level. Keep it simple, water your root and you will generate the biggest turnaround!

SAGITTARIUSThe very last thing going on in the ethers is a lack of energy. In fact, these days are so supercharged that your desire to make things happen can also be coupled with an undercurrent of anxiety linked with an anticipation of the unexpected occurring. As a Sagittarian, you are inherently connected to nature, so just as animals can sense an earthquake before it strikes, you have a similar capacity to tune into nature in this way because of your inner rhythms and highly developed intuition. It may be too that you are simply picking up on the overall angst of the collective but with so much energetic heat in the atmosphere now with Mars and Venus in Aries along with Uranus, it can be a powerful time to initiate new projects or launch yourself more fully into the world. Also Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Aquarius and is harmonizing with Mars with exceptional chemistry, allowing your own voice to be expressed in such a way that you break the mold of old. A new voice is emerging within you and you will be able to gain access to a new realm of content for your own personal expression. Pluto and Mars square off early next week, to bring you to your own feeling limits, where you ride that edge of fear yet knowing you must find the courage to step with strength for your evolution depends on it. In the end it will be a choice, but remember that resistance will not serve you well. A bold, brave move is rewarded, big time!CAPRICORNAre you ready to rise, to stand and deliver? Are you ready to rise no matter how great the risk? Are you ready to show your under belly and reveal your vulnerability knowing it is the only way through. Are you ready to get emotionally naked. The path to evolution is no easy street. It will tug on every corner if that is what is needed in order to grow. Mars and Venus are in Aries, in your house of the emotional body, and they are not allowing you to block any feeling at the moment. There is little defense in this regard, but trust that this is a good thing. You are getting raw and real and there just isn't any other way around it if you wish to summit. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in objective Aquarius and is creating an air of relief and needed perspective, as he forms an anchoring angle to Mars, allowing you to ground yourself in an objective understanding of this process. However, Mars proceeds further into Aries while squaring Pluto in your sign as we enter next week, and you may find your way back into the very center of a vulnerable spot. Remember Cappy, that it is in the very center of this emotion where the depth of Soul change occurs. Move into this feeling head on and you will amaze yourself at the speed in which you recover due to the discovery of another level of personal inner depth. Growth becomes you and you wear it like nobody else!AQUARIUSYou become the lead dog in a key turn of events this week Aquarius, as Mercury in your sign is cracking the code and showing the world a thing or two about a better way forward. Your ideas for more positive change may also be storming in and it may be a challenge just to keep up with the pace of your speeding thoughts. Your strength is in your delivery, and in communicating alternative options, in some cases progressive in nature, in an attempt to improve upon a project or plan. You simply have a keen eye and tend to know way ahead of time what others cannot yet see. This trend can help you take charge of your life in a myriad of ways, whether its in a work related environment or in your relationships. You have a real desire to get on it with and not waste any more time, and so your innovative solutions will have others climbing on board. Pay attention to those thoughts that appear to materialize out of the blue, for one of those wavelengths may become the answer to your prayers. Pluto and Mars square off early next week, someone behind the scenes may attempt to stop your progress and your plans. You learn very quickly who you can trust and who you simply can't. It may temporarily slow you down, but you'll be back on your feet and running in no time!PISCESAs we approach a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on Friday, Feb.26, you can feel the charge already coming. Mercury, the planet of communication is in Aquarius and is energizing a wealth of ideas in terms of how to move your life fruitfully forward, as Mercury partners with Mars in Aries in your house of what you value most. You may be feeling like a steam engine without brakes, which includes living on a lack of sleep from burning the midnight oil. Your means of survival is also high in focus and what the freedom of having a little extra on hand can offer you. Because of this, you may be experiencing a full court press in this regard and investing all of your precious resources into this endeavor. Fortunately. Mercury will be feeding you plenty of ideas and helping you connect with just the right people to help you profit in the ways you deeply need. It comes down to being clever and a bit creative in how you target your goal. We are officially in the middle of an energetic window referred to as 'surprise central', so let your efforts contribute which way it all goes. Just the right move could generate the kind of sea change your Soul needs the most!


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