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Around the World, Readers React to Shifting US Alliances

July 21,2018 20:13

Readers around the world largely denounced President Trump's behavior during his recent European tour. Many have accused Mr. Trump of diplomatic malpractice, speculating about his meetings with foreign leaders and raising concerns about the United ...and more »

– George T., Vienna
It’s not winter (yet), but could this be the proverbial snowball that becomes the so-desperately-needed avalanche?
– Francis, Switzerland
This is a total shame. The president of the U.S.A. is showing how weak he is. Traditional allies are not allies any more. Empowering enemies is the new American strategy. Russia is strong and ready for becoming what the U.S.S.R. once was and Europe is divided and under threat. This is the result of electing a president who doesn’t know about history, democracy, liberty, humanity and transparency. Wake up American people! Make America a respectful country again!
– Luis, Portugal
Putin Meeting Stirs Controversy
Is not the principle job of the American president to protect American citizens and American interests and to defend the Constitution? Is that anyone’s interpretation of what just happened in Europe? Or maybe I just missed an amendment to the Constitution wherein the interest of Vladimir Putin and his merry band of oligarchs comes first.
– Kevo, Sweden
I agree with our president that there is absolutely no collusion. On the other hand, there was probably collusion.
– David U’Prichard, Greece
What I find astonishing is that the most powerful country in the world has allowed itself to be in the position where a real estate salesman and reality TV star, with absolutely no diplomatic negotiating skills or experience, who thinks he doesn’t need to read briefing memos or listen to expert advice, is meeting a man who spent 20 years working as an intelligence agent and then another 18 as a successful and all-powerful leader. If that isn’t a recipe for disaster then what is?
– RHR, France
Fraying Alliances
Donald Trump may be A problem, but he is not THE problem. The real problem is that half of U.S. voters went along with Trump, knowing exactly what kind of clown they were voting for — and that the whole of the G.O.P. is still going along with Trump, in spite of every lie, perverse act, or treachery. You can remove Trump, but you cannot remove that half of U.S. voters who still back Trump nor the Republican Party, who are betraying their country along with Trump, by assuaging everything Trump does, whatever he says and permitting his actions.
– Michel Couxijn, Amsterdam
Given that Trump is really just a logical consequence of many longstanding, deep-rooted problems in the U.S. centering around education, worldliness, racism, bigotry, unfettered predatory capitalism, gerrymandering and the Electoral College — all now enhanced by social media — there is no logical reason for assuming that the U.S. will in the future become a stable and reliable partner.

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