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Are you living a social media lie lifestyle?

July 24,2016 13:19

But social media has also created a fallacy and a Lifestyle lie that most people showcase. A scroll down at my timeline on Facebook, a quick glance of profile photos on my contacts on Whats App, the snap chat vids and pics, twit pics all portray a rich ...

Whenever I chat with my close friends, I don't miss anything to discuss (How could I? with the invention of Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Instagram aka IG, selfie sticks, Snap chat etc?) with all this inventions, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook, special thanks to Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams Biz Stone and Noah Glass for Twitter, Brian Acton and Jan Koum for WhatsApp (You guys are genius), Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for Instagram, Evan Spiegel Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown for Snapchat and yes Wayne Fromm the father of modern selfie stick.The group of genius inventors above, have made it practically possible for me to initiate talks and discussions. This is great and marvelous, yes, this is what we call social media. It is one of the greatest channels of self expression, exaltation and yes self lie. On social media, it's My space My Rules, if you can't play by them, you are free to quit or be forced out by receiving a block! Meaning, never again shall you come into my space.So, social media has made the world more of a village. No more boredom, No more rules. It's a market place, yes a great market that even great brands can no longer ignore, Companies, corporate bodies, government institutions, event organizers, wedding planners, radio shows, main stream media all can no longer ignore social media. In fact, all of the above have social media managers whose roles are to push brands/products and/or communicate to their clientele/target audience. That's how powerful and useful  social media has become. Soon, mainstream marketing/advertisement will see a fall in demand because most companies will focus on social media for brand/product marketing, the earlier the main stream media honchos realizes this and invest more on social media the better.But social media has also created a fallacy and a Lifestyle lie that most people showcase. A scroll down at my timeline on Facebook, a quick glance of profile photos on my contacts on Whats App, the snap chat vids and pics, twit pics all portray a rich lifestyle of all my contacts. Photos taken at exclusive posh areas, near high end malls, at expensive joints, near posh cars, etc. In fact all if not 97% of my contacts on all social media platforms are very rich and wealthy if you go by the lifestyle they portray.Is this the case in real life? Only them can tell, but I can bet most live a Social media lifestyle lie where likes, comments, shares, favorites, tweets, etc are more valued. This shouldn't define who you are, portraying a high end lifestyle like photos at exclusive joints and captioning them with well coined phrases to position you in a high class in the social cycles. This will definitely earn you envy from all your contacts and social media friends.So what impact does the high end social media lifestyle lie have? great positive impact yes your self esteem will be boosted and a sense of greatness and pride knowing that people respect and recognize. Yes, also a very great negative impact in you.For one, you are living a lie, trying to out compete unforeseen competition, you align yourself in a social cluster that is not you, thereby locking out any potential useful connections. Say for instance, you are in need of a job, but the kind of lifestyle you portray will potentially lock you out of job opportunities, because most people will either think you are well off or the job opportunity does not fit your high end, rich lifestyle and they  opt to give it to someone else.Social media is a marketing platform where potential employers exist. A quick look at your tweets and posts will tell employers whether you are the employee they need or not. Remember you are a brand, social media should not change that, live the true you, social media high end lifestyle showcase, leave it to socialites who must do so to attract customers at a high fee. Whom are you attracting with a high end fake lifestyle when you are jobless and have siblings and family that is looking up to for assistance, yet you are a graduate who is still jobless?Each time you create a tweet or post for any of your social media platforms, remember you are a brand and people will judge you by what you post, the kind of lifestyle you portray and this will have a great impact in your real life.
As a brand, position yourself as product that needs to attract customers, let employers contact you because of your social media posts, let potential suitors reach out to you because you portray a lifestyle that is normal and acceptable. But don't showcase to the world a lifestyle that your close friends cannot identify you with, that's a social media lifestyle lie. Remember, don't allow likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites define who you are!!
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