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AP PHOTOS: Dry conditions in Turkey affect nomadic lifestyle

November 30,-0001 00:00

In this Tuesday, May 17, 2016 photo, Hasan Bacak, 40, prepares his camels for another day of walking through the mountains, near the village of Tavsancibagi in south Turkey. Every spring Bacak, his wife, Emine, and their 1-year old son, Mehmet, migrate ...and more »

KARAMAN, Turkey (AP) — Every spring Hasan Bacak, his wife, Emine, and their 1-year old son, Mehmet, migrate for weeks in search of higher ground for their livestock to graze. Theirs is a simple life shaped by the tempo of the seasons.

They're members of the Sarikecili, an indigenous nomad group in southern Turkey that moves every summer from the Mediterranean coast to the Anatolian mountains with their herds, chasing cooler climates as temperatures rise near the shore and become too oppressive for their animals. With 14 camels and about 250 goats, the family navigates rough terrain, tracing an ancient route forged by their forefathers.

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