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October 22,2017 20:06

A look at the campus of the SAS, a North Carolina-based software giant.and more »

This huge North Carolina campus offers plenty of perks for employees.SAS
SAS is a software company based in Cary, North Carolina.
Its 900-acre campus offers a ton of amenities and perks.
Take a look inside.
Imagine you got to work in a village-sized campus with your nearly 6,000 coworkers. Some of your company's perks included a soccer field, daycare, tons of beautiful artwork, a pool, manicures, and as much food as you could ever want.
Well, that's just a day at work for SAS employees.
"SAS has always believed that if you treat people well, keep them challenged with interesting work, and respect them and their contributions, they will do their best work for you," Shannon Heath, senior communications specialist at SAS, told Business Insider. "Simply put — treat employees like they make a difference, and they will make a difference."
Back in the 1960s, SAS began as a humble software development project at North Carolina State University.
Since it became a company in 1976, its products have been adopted across Fortune 500 companies, and its annual revenue has grown to $3.2 billion worldwide.
The design of its headquarters reflects both its status as a tech giant and its original academic routes.
Here's a look at the headquarters:

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